If you're not use to attending formal dinners and aren't familiar with proper table etiquette, you're in luck because we've listed the top 10 tips below:

TIP 1: Eat only when everyone has been served.

TIP 2: Use utensils which are on the outside of your place setting first.

TIP 3: Napkin should be placed on your lap.

TIP 4: Never reach across the table to get anything.

TIP 5: Don't chew with your mouth open.

TIP 6: Never wrap your hands into fists when handling utensils.

TIP 7: Don't saw or stab your food.

TIP 8: Cut one bite-size piece of food at a time and eat it

TIP 9: Don't place any used cutlery back on the clean tablecloth.

TIP 10: Pull the chair out for your date.

Having good table etiquette will greatly enhance your dining experience and make you more sophisticated. Of course, there's a lot more to learning proper etiquette and we highly encourage you to do more research into the topic.