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3 Powerful Ways To Incorporate Cardio On The Go!

Most people cringe when they hear the word cardio, because they immediate envision being on some piece of exercise equipment for at least 45 minutes, sweating profusely, board out of their minds, and thinking to themselves that they could be doing something more exciting. Can you relate? If you...

Walking To Lose Weight

Walking has become a huge phenomenon in these recent years, and for good reasons… First off, walking is for the most part a very effective and safe fat-burning exercise that almost anyone can participate in and virtually anywhere. It's very low-impact when compared to running, which is very...

Low VS High-Intensity Cardio: Which Burns More Fat?

When it comes to cardio workouts, do you know if low intensity or high intensity is better for burning fat? Most likely you've heard the debates surrounding this subject if you've been into health and fitness for a while. We will clear up once and for all the many myths surrounding the topic of...
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