Home Safety

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12 Ways To Prevent Poisoning At Home

Unfortunately, poisoning in the home is a common occurrence. Did you know that out of the over two million calls a year Poison Control receives, over 80% of them are related to children? That's roughly 1.6 million children whose lives are put in danger by harmful chemicals they find around the...

How To Prevent Home Burglaries With The Proper Lighting

When it comes to keeping your home safe at night, adequate lighting is a critical part of your overall protection strategy. Unfortunately, many homeowners don't look at their lighting as being an integral aspect of safety. No matter where you may live, you should always make sure that there is...

Wi-Fi Router Guards For EMF Protection

Let's be honest, the majority of the population is addicted to technology. Unless you are roughing it off the grid, you are constantly being exposed to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. The countless studies done by very intelligent respected scientists and researchers warn us about the...

15 Home Safety Tips That Can Protect Your Family

Most of us consider our home to be a safe haven away from the dangers of the outside world. After a hard stressful day at work, we look forward to getting home to kick back and relax with our loved ones. However, have you given some serious thought to how safe is your home really? You may or...

6 Ways To Keep Your House Safe From Burglars When Away

Nothing is more infuriating than returning home only to find out you've been robbed. All that you could think about is that feeling of violation because the sense of security has been stolen and no longer exists. For most of us, home is our safe haven which makes us feel protected from the...

Guard Dogs For Home Security

With crime and burglaries on the up-rise all over the globe, it's an absolute must that you take a proactive approach to implement as many security measures as possible to protect your family and property. There's no shortage of burglary alarms and home surveillance systems out on the market...
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