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Intermittent Fasting Quick Start Guide For Beginners

Obesity is a growing problem for a large percentage of the world's population and shows no signs of slowing down, despite all of the advancements in exercise and diet science. Fortunately, however, people don't have to suffer from being overweight once they know how to implement intermittent...

The 8 Principles Behind Intermittent Fasting

To maximize the benefits of intermittent fasting, you must first learn what the top principles are. These principles are more mental than anything else. They provide you with a way of thinking. You can use them as filters that can help you to stay on track. Success in anything including fasting...

8 Tips For Dealing With Hunger Pangs

Since intermittent fasting is a process, you'll have to go through different phases in order to get over the initial threshold of dealing with hunger pangs. The good news is that if you're consistent, they will lessen. But until then, we'd like to arm you with 8 tips that will help you deal with...

7 Fasting Dinner Ideas

When preparing dinner for yourself during your intermittent fasting journey, it's important to focus on eating healthy. Set your sights on eating low-carb meals and a large number of vegetables in the right amounts to ensure that you reach your calorie requirements each day, whether it's a...

7 Mistakes People Make With Intermittent Fasting

As intermittent fasting gains popularity, more and more people are jumping on board due to the long list of health benefits it produces. On the flip side, this means more people are making mistakes. People love taking a diet and changing it to suit themselves and while you can do that to a point...

Why You Should Clean Your Colon

First off the colon is nothing more than the Large Intestine in which non-digestible fiber, water, and waste reside until it's ready to be passed out of the body through the Rectum and Anus. Serious problems can occur if waste sits in the Colon for too long without being evacuated from the body...

8 Eating Tips For Non-Fasting Days

Do you struggle with what to eat on your non-fasting days? Is this challenge causing you to consider giving up on intermittent fasting altogether? The good news is that you can overcome this dilemma following a few simple uncomplicated guidelines. For most people, what they eat on non-fasting...
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