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5 Wedding Planning Tips That Can Reduce Stress

Have you been planning your wedding since you were just a little girl? I imagine that as you grew up, you probably went through hundreds or maybe even thousands of scenarios for your wedding. Did you hold make-believe weddings with your Barbie and Ken dolls? I bet that you fantasized about the...

How To Plan Your Wedding On A Budget

Who doesn't want the wedding of their dreams? From a young age, most of us were taught that the goal was to get married once and to do it right. While this union between two people is usually one of the happiest days of their lives, however, the ceremony typically isn't cheap. The costs...

5 Advantages Of Hiring A Wedding Planner

Have you seen the movie "The Wedding Planner" starring Jennifer Lopez? If so, have you ever wondered why she made such an incredible impact on soon-to-be brides at that time? The reason is that after watching the film, most people finally realized the importance of hiring a wedding planner...

Tips For Giving A Wedding Toast

Will you soon be giving a wedding toast? Is this your first time doing the honors in front of several people? Whether it is or isn't, being prepared is the best way to reduce any nervousness and anxiety leading up to the bride and groom's special day. Wedding toasts perform an essential role...

How To Stay Calm During A Wedding Speech

Did you know several surveys taken over the years have revealed that most people fear public speaking over death? Yes, you read that correctly. Most would rather die than speak in front of people. This is a serious phobia that affects millions of folks around the world, no matter what their...

10 Wedding Speeches For The Bride

Standing up in front of a whole room filled with your family and friends to give the bride's speech, is by no means an easy task. Especially, after a long and emotional day, you'll be ready to drink some champagne, enjoy your dinner, and dance. But, before you're able to do so, you must...

10 Wedding Speeches For The Maid Of Honor

Whether you realize it or not, the maid of honor and even a bridesmaid can play a significant role in a wedding ceremony. Alongside the bride and groom, and possibly their parents, the guests will have their eyes on you. In fact, it has become common for the maid of honor and even bridesmaids to...
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