Unfortunately for the majority of us, there are just not enough hours in the day to hit the gym so that we can work our cardio exercises into our schedules.

These time constraints are legitimate reasons not to squeeze in a little “sweat time” to boost our metabolisms, which will help us to burn off those extra pounds…

However, our bodies will not forgive us and the results can be devastating in terms of the string of potential health issues.

So regardless of these time constraints that we find ourselves facing, it’s our responsibility to be resourceful by using creative ways to squeeze our cardio exercises into our daily schedules…

And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this quick guide…

A lot of times the answers to our challenges are hiding in plain sight, but since we are so close to those problems we can’t see them…

It usually takes someone that’s outside looking in to spot solutions to your problems, which is why I’m your Fit Coach, to provide that clarity.

The main concept of this method is to simply convert the daily activities that you’re already doing into cardio exercises…

Benefits Of Turning Your Everyday Activities Into Cardio Exercises

  • You’re NOT adding any additional activities to your schedule
  • You’re NOT taking up any more of your precious time
  • You get to burn additional calories in a fun and creative ways

Reminder: You don’t have to apply every technique that I share with you in the CalorieBurnology methods, because that can become overwhelming. Instead, select and apply those that resonate with you. Whichever techniques you select, be sure to stick with them over time so that you can get the short and long-term benefits.

I highly encourage you to not overthink any of the following ways that I’m going to share with you in a moment. Get started by picking the ones that interest you the most and take action on them immediately.

My intent was to provide ideas based on some of the common activities that most of us participate in on a daily basis.

Let’s blast into these cool activities and convert them into fat-burning cardio machines…

WAY #1: Maximize Public Transportation

If you take public transportation, get off a block before your stop and walk the remainder of the way. This is a good way to squeeze in a walk before and after work or on the way to another destination.

Tip 1: Be aware of your surroundings (especially if at night)

Tip 2: Think twice before using this technique at night

Tip 3: Walk with a buddy if they are on the same schedule and route

Tip 4: Carry some bottled water in order to remain hydrated

Tip 5: Gradually increase your pace of speed in order to burn more calories in the same amount of time

Tip 6: Carry a deterrent such as pepper spray to ward off potential attackers

Tip 7: Carry your mobile phone in case of an emergency

WAY #2: Use The Stairs Instead Of The Elevator Or Escalator

These are great conveniences, but they make us very lazy. Also, it may be quicker to take the stairs than to wait on an elevator to open.

Tip 1: Increase your speed of climb

Tip 2: Of course, be very careful as you pull the stairs

Tip 3: Never attempt to skip steps as this could lead to a nasty fall

WAY #3: Take Your Dog On A Walk

Chances are that if you're not getting enough exercise, neither is your pet. Or, let your dog take you on a walk. For once in Rover’s life, let him or her lead you where he or she wants to go and as fast as he or she wants to get there. It could be a good workout for both of you.

Tip 1: Keep your dog on a leash for the safety of all

Tip 2: If walking on the city streets, be on the lookout for vehicles

Tip 3: Bring some water for both you and your little doggy

WAY #4: Don't Carry Your Wireless Phone Or Cell Phone With You

If it rings, go walk for it. There are so many conveniences in life and we always have everything we need at our fingertips, but this is obviously bad for the waistline.

Tip 1: Don’t put it in a room where you’re not able to hear it as there could be an emergency call

Tip 2: Mix it up by leaving it in different rooms to help prevent boredom

Tip 3: Set a reminder to move it to another room after 60 mins

WAY #5: Walk Around During Commercial Breaks

This brief walk will get your blood pumping and your metabolism cranking.

Tip 1: You can do quick back-and-forth pacing (somewhat like a mini powerwalk)

WAY #6 Powerwalk To The Mailbox

Most of us go out to check the mail and if you live in a neighborhood where your mailbox is stationed at a central location on your street, this is even better because this may give you a nice distance to travel.

Tip 1: Gradually Increase your speed in order to burn more calories

WAY #7: Walk Your Kids To And From School

If you live close enough, what a great way to bond with your children and burn extra calories in the process. This will be such a wonderful experience, it will not seem like you’re exercising.

Tip 1: Keep your little ones close by, because motorists can be careless

Tip 2: Look both ways before crossing streets because distracted driving (e.g. texting) is on the rise


If you really want to boost your enthusiasm, I highly recommend investing in a fitness tracker so that you can measure how many steps you’ve taken. Watching your number of steps increase is very rewarding and motivating, to say the least.

Some of the fitness trackers allow you to participate in friendly walking competitions with people from around the world.


You just discovered 7 ways how you could turn common everyday activities into cardio-burning machines.

Nothing complicated here…

I feel that the process of losing weight should be simple and fun.

The moment that we start looking for all of these magic bullets in the form of fad diets and exercise contraptions, that’s where the failure begins.

The folks that have lost the weight and have kept it off will tell you that they took a common sense approach.

Now that you’ve been armed with more cardio weight loss techniques, it’s time to take action and begin applying them.

I hoped that you’ve enjoyed the 7 Easy Ways To Turn Your Everyday Activities Into Cardio Exercises.

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