New Year’s Eve is absolutely one of the most exciting holidays for millions of people around the world.

It is traditionally one of the holidays in which most people participate in parties with family and friends.

While going to parties is a great deal of fun, it is also a blast to host your own New Year’s Eve party as well.

It is definitely a lot of work to plan a memorable party, but well worth the effort.

This article will provide you with 4 basic tips for planning your New Year’s Eve party.

These tips should be useful for both novice party planners as well as those who have years of experience.

Let’s jump right in…

TIP 1: Prepare Your Guest List

The first step in planning any party including a New Year’s Eve party is to consider your guest list.

This is important because it will help you to determine where to hold the party.

For example, if you have a fairly small home and want to host a party for over one hundred people, you will obviously have to consider hosting the party either in a much larger house or even in a catering hall or restaurant.

When you are planning your guest list, you should figure each guest will likely bring a date with them.

This is only reasonable and it would be considered tacky to tell guests they are not able to bring a date to the party.

TIP 2: Inviting Your Guest

Deciding whom to invite is not the only concern here. You should also consider how you plan to invite your guests.

You have a number of options here. The most traditional way to invite guests to a party is to mail out invitations to each individual guest or married couple you plan to invite to the party.

The invitations should include all of the pertinent information including date, time, and location, and should also include instructions for responding to the invitation.

These instructions should include a deadline for responding and a method of responding such as calling by phone or sending an email.

Other options for sending invitations include calling the guests and sending out an electronic invitation via email and text message.

Although paper invitations were considered the only method for a while, it is now considered acceptable to send out other non-traditional invitations for any party or event.

TIP 3: Food And Drinks Preparation

Once you have determined the number of guests and the location of the party, it is time to consider the food and beverages for the party.

Since most New Year’s Eve parties start rather late in the evening, appetizers and cocktails make an excellent idea for food.

However, if you plan to start your New Year’s Eve party at an earlier time such as five or six o’clock in the evening, you should consider having more substantial food at your party.

You might opt for an elaborate sit-down dinner or include a buffet in your party.

Another food option for New Year’s Eve parties is to host a brunch on New Year’s Day.

You may offer finger foods, appetizers, and cocktails in the evening and early morning but then start serving breakfast items as the sun starts to rise.

This allows the party to go on a little longer because guests do not start leaving because they begin to get hungry.

TIP 4: Choosing The Type Of Entertainment

When planning a New Year’s Eve party you should also consider the type of entertainment you plan to provide at the party.

You might consider hiring a band for the duration of the party or for only a few hours during the party.

Other entertainment ideas include having a DJ or playing your own recorded music.

More elaborate and less traditional ideas for entertainment include hosting a murder mystery or hiring an improved group to perform.

These are both fun ideas for entertainment because they get all of the guests involved in the fun.


You just discovered 4 New Year’s Eve Party Planning Tips…

While New Year’s Eve parties are extremely fun, especially being able to create lasting memories with your family and friends, we recommend that you make safety a priority for your guests.

For those who are driving to your party and plan to consume alcohol, you should encourage them to bring a designated driver or hire a ridesharing service to get them back home safely.

We hope that you find these four tips useful in helping you plan your New Year’s Eve party!

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