Handheld vacuums are the unsung heroes of home cleanliness, offering convenient, compact, and cordless solutions to your mess woes.

Whether it's that stubborn mound of pet hair, the crumbs lounging on your sofa, or the dust shenanigans in the corners of your car, a handheld vacuum comes to the rescue.

Read on as we delve into the world of handheld vacuums, reviewing some of the top models in the market, their features, performance, and overall value for money.

The Benefits Of Handheld Vacuums

  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle: Handheld vacuums are typically designed with a compact, lightweight structure, making them easy to maneuver around tight spaces and high surfaces.
  • Versatility: They are versatile tools that can clean a variety of surfaces, from upholstery to car interiors.
  • Portability: Their compact size and lack of cord make them highly portable, perfect for quick clean-ups or use in locations without a power outlet.
  • Easy Storage: Due to their size, handheld vacuums are easy to store in small spaces or even hang on the wall.
  • Spot Cleaning: They are excellent for spot cleaning, especially for picking up crumbs, pet hair, or small spills quickly.
  • Cost-Effective: Most handheld vacuums are fairly affordable, making them a cost-effective addition to your household cleaning arsenal.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Handheld Vacuum

  • Suction Power: Look for models with strong suction power to effectively clean up dirt and debris.
  • Battery Life: If choosing a cordless model, consider the battery life. You want a vacuum that holds its charge long enough to handle your cleaning jobs.
  • Filter System: Check if the vacuum has a good filter system, especially if you're allergic to dust or have pets at home. A HEPA filter is usually the best.
  • Attachments and Accessories: Some handheld vacuums come with useful attachments like crevice tools or brush tools for different cleaning tasks.
  • Weight: Pick a model that's light enough for you to handle comfortably during your clean-up tasks.
  • Dust Cup Capacity: Consider the size of the dust cup. Larger capacities allow for longer cleaning sessions before needing to empty it.
  • Noise Level: Some vacuums can be quite loud. If noise is a concern for you, look for models that operate more quietly.
  • Cost: Finally, compare prices and choose a model that offers the best value for your budget.

Top Rated Handheld Vacuums

Discover the top-rated and highly sought-after Handheld Vacuums available on Amazon - the go-to shopping website. These trusted cleaning devices have earned consistently high ratings and minimal complaints, making them the ultimate choice for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

1)) Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Regarding handheld vacuum cleaners, the Dyson V7 Trigger stands out for its powerful suction, cord-free convenience, and the range of included tools.

Perfect for those nimble clean-up tasks around the house, this compact and lightweight device packs a punch in terms of performance.

With a runtime of up to 30 minutes, it delivers fade-free suction, ensuring a thorough clean.

An integral part of Dyson's esteemed line-up, the V7 Trigger promises to redefine your cleaning routine.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into everything this remarkable handheld vacuum cleaner has to offer.

Features and Benefits

Powerful Motor:

  • Powerful Motor: The Dyson V7 Trigger is powered by the Dyson digital motor V7, which is touted as the most powerful motor for a handheld vacuum. This translates into a fast, efficient, and thorough cleaning experience, easily sucking up dust and small debris that other handheld vacuums may struggle with. On top of that, the powerful motor ensures consistent performance, maintaining the suction power throughout the entire cleaning session.
  • Performance: With this powerful motor, the V7 Trigger delivers unparalleled performance for a handheld vacuum. This means no spot is too challenging – whether it's the crumbs on your dining table or the dust on your curtains, you can rest assured that this compact cleaner will do the job.
  • Efficiency: A powerful motor leads to efficient cleaning. It quickens the cleaning process, meaning you spend less time on chores and more on things that matter. Whether dealing with a small mess or a big clean-up, the Dyson V7 Trigger has you covered.
  • Durability: Dyson's digital motor V7 is powerful and built to last, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment in the long term. This means fewer worries about replacement parts and more time enjoying a clean and comfortable home.

30 Minutes Of Suction:

  • Long-lasting Suction: With up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction, the Dyson V7 Trigger ensures you can tackle several cleaning tasks on a single charge. This feature saves you the hassle of frequent recharging, making your cleaning tasks seamless and efficient.
  • Useful for Extended Cleaning Sessions: The 30-minute runtime is ideal for extended cleaning sessions, particularly for larger homes or for car interiors. The fade-free suction ensures consistent cleaning power from start to finish.
  • Economical: Battery power is only used for cleaning, which means it offers energy efficiency. This design not only extends the battery life but also contributes to energy conservation.
  • Convenience: The extended battery life allows for unplanned, quick clean-up tasks around the home without worrying about the battery dying mid-clean. It's perfect for those unexpected spills or quick touch-ups before guests arrive.

Hygienic Dirt Ejector:

  • Hygienic Dirt Ejector: The Dyson V7 Trigger features a uniquely designed hygienic dirt ejector. This mechanism drives out trapped dust and debris in one single action, ensuring you don't come into contact with the dirt. It's a hassle-free and sanitary way to maintain your vacuum cleaner.
  • Cleanliness: This feature ensures enhanced cleanliness not just in your surroundings, but also in the vacuum cleaner itself. It prevents the accumulation of dust inside the vacuum, which could potentially affect its performance.
  • Ease of Use: The hygienic dirt ejector makes disposing of dust and dirt as simple as pressing a button. There is no need for you to manually remove or clean dust containers, which can be messy and time-consuming.
  • Health Benefit: By ensuring you don't physically touch the dirt and dust, the hygienic dirt ejector reduces the risk of allergens coming into contact with your skin. This is particularly beneficial for those with allergies or sensitivities to dust.

The Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Cleaner stands as a game-changer in the realm of home cleaning.

With its powerful motor, extended runtime, and hygienic dirt ejector, it takes the hassle out of cleaning, delivering a performance that is as powerful as it is user-friendly.

Whether it's for a quick touch-up or an extensive clean-up, this compact yet robust vacuum cleaner ensures a spotless and healthy living environment, making it a worthy investment for any homeowner.

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2)) Foppapedretti Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

In the realm of household cleaning, possessing the right tools can make a world of difference, and the Foppapedretti Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a device that promises to redefine the cleaning experience.

This compact, yet powerful vacuum cleaner, armed with advanced technology and multiple features, promises efficient cleaning with a strong suction power.

Today, we delve into the details of this promising device, evaluating its specifications, performance, and overall value.

Stay tuned as we unlock the potential of this cleaning marvel.

Features and Benefits

Powerful 210W Motor:

  • Powerful 210W Motor: The Foppapedretti Handheld Vacuum Cleaner comes equipped with a powerful 210W motor that ensures an efficient cleaning experience. This top-notch motor power allows the vacuum to operate in MAX mode with a suction power of up to 25KPa.
  • High Suction Capability: With the ability to generate a suction power of 25KPa in MAX mode, this vacuum cleaner can effortlessly capture both large and fine particles. This includes the often-tricky pet hair and debris on various surfaces such as carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles.
  • Efficient Cleaning: The combination of a powerful motor and high suction capability ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning experience. Whether it's dust particles or pet hair, the Foppapedretti Handheld Vacuum Cleaner can effectively clean up the mess in no time.

Powerful 4-in-1 & Multifunctional Handheld:

  • Powerful 4-in-1 & Multifunctional Handheld: The Foppapedretti Handheld Vacuum Cleaner boasts a versatile 4-in-1 design. The product includes a 2-in-1 stiff & soft roller brush, two additional functional brushes, and an extensible stick, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution for any home.
  • Adaptable Brushes: The 2-in-1 roller brush is suitable for carpets and hard floors, while the other brushes can be used to extend the cleaning to every nook and cranny of your home. This flexibility ensures optimal cleaning across diverse surfaces and areas.
  • Extendable Stick: The vacuum cleaner's extendable stick increases the cleaning area, allowing for easy access to high and difficult-to-reach areas, such as ceilings or high shelves.
  • Lightweight & Cordless: The lightweight and cordless design of this vacuum cleaner makes it an excellent gift, particularly over the festive season. Its user-friendly design minimizes strain and makes it easy to carry around, ensuring a comfortable cleaning experience on stairs, windowsills, sofas, floors, and more.

4-Stage High-Efficiency Filtration System:

  • 4-Stage High-Efficiency Filtration System: The Foppapedretti Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a 4-stage, fully-sealed cyclone filtration system. This advanced system includes a HEPA filter with a mesh filter, a stainless steel strainer, and cyclone separation for optimal dust and debris filtration.
  • Capture 99.99% of Microscopic Dust Particles: With the ability to capture 99.99% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.3 microns, the vacuum cleaner ensures thorough cleaning, avoiding secondary pollution. This is especially beneficial if you have allergies or sensitivity to dust.
  • Purified Air: The advanced filtration system of this vacuum cleaner can efficiently filter microscopic dust particles, thereby providing ultimate purified air for your family, ensuring a healthier living environment. This feature is particularly beneficial for households with babies or individuals sensitive to dust and allergens.

The Foppapedretti Handheld Vacuum Cleaner emerges as a game-changer in the realm of household cleaning.

With its powerful motor, high suction capability, and versatile design, it promises an efficient and comprehensive cleaning experience.

The advanced 4-stage filtration system not only ensures thorough cleaning but also provides a healthier living environment by eliminating microscopic dust particles.

Lightweight and cordless, it is designed with user convenience in mind.

Whether you are battling pet hair, dust, or debris on various surfaces or struggling to reach high and difficult corners, the Foppapedretti Handheld Vacuum Cleaner proves to be an invaluable ally in maintaining cleanliness and promoting health in your home.

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3)) Black+Decker Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to maintaining a clean and dust-free environment, the Black+Decker Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a game-changer.

This lightweight, portable device is designed to tackle even the toughest messes, making it a versatile addition to any home or office.

With its multi-surface functionality, ergonomic design, and advanced features like a rotating slim nozzle, pull-out crevice tool, and flip-up brush, it's more than just an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

In this review, we'll delve into the features, benefits, and overall performance of this innovative cleaning solution, providing an in-depth look at why it could be a worthy investment for you.

Features and Benefits

Multi-Surface Use:

  • Multi-Surface Use: The Black+Decker Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner showcases its versatility by effectively removing hair, dirt, and debris from a variety of surfaces, including carpets, car interiors, and furniture. This wide-ranging functionality means you can keep multiple areas clean without needing multiple tools, making it a convenient, all-in-one cleaning solution.
  • High-Traffic Area Suitable: This vacuum cleaner is also suitable for high-traffic areas, which often accumulate more dirt due to frequent use. Simply whip out your Black+Decker handheld vacuum, and you can quickly get rid of any unwanted mess, keeping your space clean and inviting.
  • Practicality: Given its multi-surface use, this vacuum cleaner is a practical investment. It's like having multiple specialized tools in one package, freeing up storage space and saving you the time and hassle of switching between different cleaning devices.

Cyclonic Action:

  • Cyclonic Action: The Black+Decker Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner uses cyclonic action to spin dust and debris away from the filter. This mechanism ensures that the vacuum maintains its powerful suction capability throughout your cleaning process, not just at the start.
  • Consistent Performance: Thanks to the cyclonic action, the vacuum's performance doesn't deteriorate over time or as the dirt container fills up. This means that you can count on the vacuum to deliver consistent, strong suction power from start to finish.
  • Longer Lifespan for Your Filter: By spinning dust and debris away from the filter, the vacuum reduces the strain on the filter, potentially extending its life. This feature not only keeps your vacuum performing at its best but also cuts down on maintenance costs and time.

Lightweight And Portable:

  • Lightweight and Portable: The Black+Decker Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is remarkably lightweight and easy to carry. This means you won't strain your arm or back while cleaning, making the process more comfortable and convenient. Plus, its compact design makes it easy to store when not in use.
  • Maneuverability: With its portable design, this vacuum cleaner navigates tight spaces with ease. Whether you're cleaning under furniture, around corners, or inside your car, you'll appreciate its flexibility and easy handling.
  • No Wall Mount Needed: Unlike many other handheld vacuum cleaners, the Black+Decker model comes with a convenient charging base that doesn't need to be mounted on a wall. This feature simplifies the charging process and allows you to store the vacuum cleaner anywhere that's most convenient for you.

The Black+Decker Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile and powerful cleaning tool that stands out in both design and functionality.

Its ability to adapt to various surfaces, its consistent performance due to its cyclonic action, and its lightweight and portable design reaffirm its position as a solid investment for those seeking to simplify their cleaning routine.

Beyond its technical specifications, the practical benefits it offers - from its ease of use to its maintenance-friendly features - make it a worthy contender in the world of handheld vacuum cleaners.

With the Black+Decker Cordless Handheld Vacuum, maintaining a clean and tidy environment has never been easier.

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4)) Shark CH701 Cyclone PET Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you're on the hunt for a handheld vacuum cleaner that merges power, portability, and performance, then the Shark CH701 Cyclone PET Handheld Vacuum Cleaner may just be the gem you've been searching for.

Weighing in at a mere 1.6 lbs, this device offers Hypervelocity suction for deep, thorough cleaning while remaining light in your hands.

Perfect for pet owners, it comes equipped with a PetExtract Hair Tool specifically designed to tackle stubborn pet hair on various surfaces.

We'll delve into the specifics of this vacuum, examining its features, usability, and overall performance to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Features and Benefits

Hypervelocity Suction:

  • Deep-Cleaning Performance: The Shark CH701 Cyclone PET Handheld Vacuum Cleaner comes equipped with hypervelocity suction that ensures a thorough clean every time. This powerful feature enables the vacuum to draw out stubborn dirt and debris from deep within carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces.
  • Lightweight and Handy: Despite its powerful suction, the vacuum is surprisingly lightweight, weighing only 1.6 lbs. This makes it easy to handle and navigate around your home, ensuring a comfortable and effortless cleaning experience.
  • Ideal for All Surfaces: The vacuum's hypervelocity suction makes it suitable for all surfaces, including hardwood, carpet, and upholstery. Whether you're cleaning up after a messy dinner or tackling pet hair, the Shark CH701 Cyclone PET Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is up to the task.

Compact Power:

  • Compact and Powerful: Despite its compact size and lightweight structure, the Shark CH701 Cyclone PET Handheld Vacuum Cleaner doesn't compromise power. Its potent cleaning capabilities ensure your home stays dust-free and fresh.
  • Travel-Friendly: The vacuum's lightweight design and USB charging functionality make it perfect for on-the-go cleaning. Whether you're heading to a vacation home or need a quick car cleanup, this vacuum can travel wherever you go.
  • Easy Charging: With the added benefit of USB charging, this vacuum provides versatile and portable power. You can conveniently charge it using your laptop, power bank, or any USB port, ensuring it's ready to use whenever you need it.

Washable Filter:

  • Easy Maintenance: The Shark CH701 Cyclone PET Handheld Vacuum Cleaner comes with a removable and washable filter. This facilitates easy maintenance and prolongs the lifespan of the vacuum, helping you save on replacement costs.
  • Improved Cleaning Efficiency: A clean filter ensures optimum suction power, providing a more effective and efficient cleaning process. With this washable filter, you can maintain the vacuum's performance at its best.
  • Eco-Friendly: The reusable nature of the filter contributes to environmental sustainability. By washing and reusing the filter, you're reducing waste and promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Shark CH701 Cyclone PET Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a remarkable blend of power, lightness, and convenience.

Its hypervelocity suction, compact design, and USB charging capability allow you to maintain a clean and comfortable living space with ease.

The unique features, such as the washable filter and the PetExtract Hair Tool, further enhance this vacuum's user-friendly appeal.

Whether you're a pet owner dealing with stubborn hair or someone seeking a portable cleaning solution, this device caters to a variety of needs.

It's not just a vacuum cleaner - it's a reliable partner for a cleaner, fresher home.

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5)) DEWALT 20V MAX Hand Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

When cleanliness and convenience converge, the result is an appliance that not only streamlines your chores but also enhances your lifestyle.

The DEWALT 20V MAX Hand Handheld Vacuum Cleaner epitomizes this concept.

This vacuum is an efficient tool that impresses with its power, versatility, and design.

Whether you're navigating the daily spills of a busy family home or tackling tougher cleaning jobs in your workshop, the DEWALT 20V MAX Hand Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is engineered to meet your needs, offering a compelling blend of function and form that you can trust.

Features and Benefits

Dual Clean-Up Modes:

  • Versatility: The dual clean-up modes offer you the flexibility to adapt your cleaning approach based on the task at hand. You can switch seamlessly between the front utility nozzle for surface debris and the extendable rubber hose for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Efficient cleaning: This feature ensures optimal debris removal, making your cleaning tasks quicker and more efficient.
  • Ease of use: Both the front utility nozzle and extendable rubber hose are simple to use, making the vacuum user-friendly for all ages and abilities.

Long Battery Life:

  • Sustained Performance: With the 20V Max DEWALT battery packs, this vacuum can run for extended periods, allowing you to complete your cleaning tasks without frequent stops for recharging.
  • Convenience: The long battery life means fewer interruptions during use, enhancing the overall convenience and user experience.
  • Cost-effective: Longer run-time reduces the frequency of battery replacements, leading to potential cost savings in the long run.

Gore HEPA Filter:

  • High Efficiency: The Gore HEPA wet/dry filter is exceptionally efficient, capturing 99.97% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. This ensures a cleaner, healthier environment, particularly important for those with allergies or sensitivities.
  • Versatility: Being compatible with both wet and dry conditions, the Gore HEPA filter can effectively handle varied cleaning needs, whether it's dust, spills, or wet debris.
  • Eco-friendly and Cost-effective: As the filter is washable, it can be reused multiple times, reducing both waste and the need for frequent replacements. Simply rinse it with water to clean it, making it a practical and economical choice for homeowners.

The DEWALT 20V MAX Hand Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a robust and adaptable appliance that delivers top-tier cleaning performance.

Its versatility, combined with innovative features such as dual clean-up modes, long battery life, and a high-efficiency Gore HEPA filter, makes it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable, convenient, and powerful cleaning solution.

Whether you're managing everyday messes or tackling more substantial clean-ups, this handheld vacuum exemplifies DEWALT's commitment to quality and functionality, making it a worthy investment for any household or workspace.

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Handheld vacuums are truly an invaluable asset in maintaining a spotless, healthy living environment.

Offering a blend of convenience, versatility, and power, they tackle troublesome messes with ease, keeping your spaces pristine.

Whether you're a busy parent, a pet owner, or simply someone seeking an efficient cleaning solution, investing in a handheld vacuum can streamline your cleaning routine, saving you time and effort.

We hope our reviews have illuminated the benefits of these nifty devices, guiding you in your quest to find the perfect handheld vacuum for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)) What Is A Handheld Vacuum?

A handheld vacuum is a compact and portable cleaning device designed to clean up small messes quickly.

Its small size and cordless design make it ideal for spot cleaning and reaching tight corners, high surfaces, or interiors of vehicles.

Handheld vacuums are easy to carry and store, making them a convenient addition to your cleaning toolkit.

2)) Are Handheld Vacuums Any Good?

Handheld vacuums are indeed a good investment for a variety of reasons.

Their compact size, portability, and cordless design make them perfect for quick clean-ups and spot cleaning.

They can reach areas that larger vacuums can't, such as car interiors, tight corners, or high surfaces.

While they may not replace your regular vacuum cleaner for larger cleaning tasks, they are extremely convenient for handling small messes, saving you time and effort.

Furthermore, many models are very affordable, making them a cost-effective addition to your home cleaning tools.

3)) What To Look Out For In Handheld Vacuum?

When looking for a handheld vacuum, several factors should be considered.

First, assess the suction power - a higher power will lead to a more efficient clean.

Check the battery life if you're considering a cordless model to ensure it lasts long enough for your cleaning needs.

The filter system is also important, especially if you have allergies or pets; HEPA filters are often recommended.

Consider any attachments and accessories that come with the vacuum for added functionality.

The weight of the vacuum should be comfortable for you to handle, and the dust cup capacity should be sufficient for your cleaning tasks.

Noise level can be a concern for some, so choose a quieter model if necessary.

Finally, compare prices to find a model that offers good value for your budget.