Drones have become incredibly popular in recent years and have opened several ways to earn money.

With the increasing demand for aerial photography and videography, owning a drone can lead to a profitable career or serve as a part-time hustle.

In this article, we highlight ten legit ways that you can make money with a drone.

1)) Real Estate Photography

Drones can capture stunning aerial photos and videos of properties for sale.

Any real estate agent will agree that buyers are more likely to show interest in a property that has aerial footage.

Become a certified drone pilot, invest in a high-quality camera, and team up with a real estate agent or marketing agency to start offering your service.

2)) Agriculture

Farmers use drones to get an aerial view of crops and livestock.

You can help farmers inspect the health of their crops and provide detailed maps of their land.

If you have experience in farming, this skillset is a great addition to your drone service.

3)) Construction Surveying

In the past, construction surveyors either had to spend hours manually inspecting projects or hire expensive helicopters.

With a drone, you can cover substantial inspection sites, and take high-quality photos of the land, which can save construction managers both time and cost.

4)) Search And Rescue Operations

In dire emergency situations such as missing persons, drones can be used to cover vast areas quickly.

If you become a certified search and rescue operator, you can offer your service to the community and work closely with first responders.

5)) Event Coverage

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in event coverage, such as for music festivals, weddings, and other significant events.

A drone can capture unique footage of the event and provide clients with memorable aerial photos and videos.

6)) Inspection Services

Drones can access hard-to-reach areas, and in many cases, they can perform dangerous inspections, such as smokestacks, chimneys, and bridges.

As a certified drone pilot, you can offer your inspection services to clients, helping them avoid putting human lives in danger.

7)) Advertising And Marketing

A drone can create breathtaking footage of a company's manufacturing plant, construction site, and corporate offices for advertising.

You can provide companies with high-quality aerial photos and videos, which in turn, promote their brand and products.

8)) Emergency Services

Drones can be a valuable tool in emergency situations such as detecting a gas leak or a forest fire outbreak.

As a drone pilot with expertise in emergency response, you can work with the fire department and other emergency service providers to provide immediate aid.

9)) Film Production

Drones have revolutionized the film and TV industry, allowing filmmakers to capture amazing aerial footage without the need for expensive helicopters.

If you are a certified drone pilot and have an understanding of cinematography, becoming a part of the film production industry is an excellent way to earn a substantial income.

10)) Freelancing

Freelancing is a great option for drone pilots who want to work part-time on individual projects rather than on permanent careers.

Develop and market your skills to individuals and businesses in need of drone services.

Top 10 Tips To Consider Before Purchasing A Drone

  • Research the type of drone you are interested in and determine which features best suit your needs.
  • Check out customer reviews to make sure that a particular model is reliable and suitable for commercial applications.
  • Consider the cost of replacement parts, as well as repair costs when choosing a drone.
  • Buy from trusted retailers or manufacturers for quality assurance, warranties, and returns if needed.
  • Get an extended warranty in case something goes wrong with the drone after purchase due to wear-and-tear or some other issue not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty coverage terms.
  • Look into easy payment plans available at many stores so you can spread out your payments over time instead of paying all upfront expenses at once.
  • Be aware of local laws regarding drones since they vary widely between countries and even states within one country.
  • Ensure compatibility with any 3rd party software such as mission planning apps that may be required to use your drone safely and efficiently.
  • Make sure that certain accessories like batteries, chargers, propellers, etc., are included with your purchase package before buying it.
  • Compare prices across different vendors to get the most competitive price possible for the best quality drone.

It is important to do your research before purchasing a drone if you want to use it for income-generating purposes.

Doing so can not only save you money but also ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Make sure that whatever drone you choose fits within your budget and meets all of the necessary requirements.

Remember to look into warranties, customer reviews, and compatible accessories when making your purchase.

With a little bit of preparation and guidance, you can be sure that you are investing in the right drone for business success!


Drones have created many opportunities to earn a substantial income and start a successful career.

With the right qualifications, investment, and marketing strategy, anyone can make money with a drone.

The future will continue to see an increase in the demand for drone services.

The key is to ensure that you maintain your certification as a drone pilot and consistently improve your skills to meet the needs of your customers.

But most importantly, enjoy the experience and have fun with your drone while you make money.

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