Every person that’s of age has probably flirted at least once or twice in their life because it’s a natural reaction when you come into contact with someone that you’re attracted to.

While flirting is playful in nature, you must be careful and be certain that you’re interpreting the other person’s reactions correctly or you may just find yourself in a very awkward position.

To help increase your chances of avoiding being embarrassed by misreading someone’s behavior and to help you begin mastering the art of flirting, read and apply some of the tips in this article…

Let’s get started…

Tip 1: Know The Purpose Of Flirting

Flirting is playful in nature, and is practiced by a person in order to express his or her interest in another individual, either romantically or sexually.

There are ways to flirt subtlety and there are also ways of flirting that can be obvious at times.

You can flirt with the use of your eyes, body language, touch, tone of your voice, or a combination of the mentioned behaviors.

Tip 2: Prolonging Eye Contact

Whether you are talking to someone or looking at someone at a distance, prolonging eye contact can send the message that you are interested in them.

It should be noted though that maintaining eye contact should only be done to some extent.

Do not overdo it, especially if you are looking at another person across the bar, since it can make them uncomfortable.

You don’t want them to get a creepy vibe from you, because that defeats the purpose of flirting.

Tip 3: Smile

Smiling sends all the right messages, and people love to look at a person who has a pleasant and happy face.

This is the reason why smiling is one of the most effective tools when it comes to flirting.

With that, if you are interested in a person, you should smile, so that you would appear approachable and ready for a conversation.

Tip 4: Asking Questions

Asking questions and showing the other person that you are interested in their answers is one of the best ways to flirt.

It would make them feel good that you are interested in their experiences, opinions, likes, as well as dislikes.

Make sure that you listen to their answers though, so that it would become effective.

Tip 5: Touch Playfully

Poking, playfully punching the guy, or playing with the girl’s jewelry is a way to get closer to the other person without overdoing it.

These playful touches are subtle ways to flirt without being openly sexual. Choose the proper timing though, so that your actions would not come as inappropriate.

Tip 6: Ladies Get Closer To Your Guy And Break Away

If you want to flirt with your guy and you want to send a cue that you are ready for a kiss, then you should try to get closer to him.

Briefly look at his lips and break away from him, to tease him a little.

By sending out this message, he would know that you are waiting for him to make the first move for a kiss.

Tip 7: Choose Songs For Flirting

While you are listening to the radio or through your music collections, try to identify songs that can make you more confident to flirt.

By doing this, you would have the confidence to flirt with any person that you are interested in, once you hear one of the songs.

Choose songs that you really like and are lively, so that you can also become more energetic.

Tip 8: The Right Earrings For Flirting

There are different types of earrings that you can wear today.

However, if you want to wear something that can enhance your capability of flirting with a guy, then you should wear dangling earrings.

This is because these types of earrings can make a guy notice your neck’s smooth curves.

This is a subtle way to show some skin and it is pretty effective too.

Tip 9: Watch More Movies About Love

Movies that are about love usually start with a guy meeting a girl for the first time.

During this stage, you can see lots of techniques in flirting, which are executed by the actors of the film.

Take note of them, since these are well thought out by the directors and scriptwriters.

Tip 10: Keep A Few Candies Or Gums Inside Your Purse

Whenever you go out, most likely, you would bring a purse or a small bag with you.

To make it easier to catch a guy’s attention and start a conversation with him, you can always ask him if he wants candy or gum.

This is a very good icebreaker, and it is not too obvious that you like to get to know him better.


There you have it 10 Tips To Master Flirting To Spark A Love Connection...

Flirting is nothing new and humans have engaged in this love language since the beginning of time.

We recommend being tasteful because first impressions are everything.

Remember, that you can flirt with strangers, the person you're already in a relationship with, or even people you know.

Don't overdo flirting, be certain you're reading the signal correctly before you do so, be classy, and simply have fun with it.

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