Every honest and successful marketer will tell you that if you’re not building a list, then you’re leaving money on the table.

However, you’re also letting a lot of money slip through your fingers if too many of your visitors are leaving your site without joining your list.

Chances are if someone leaves your site without getting on your subscriber list, they may never return, and not necessarily because they didn’t like your content.

Most people are pulled in soo many different directions, which means you and millions of other things have to compete for their attention.

You should think of an email list as “Traffic In A Holding Pattern.”

By getting them on your subscriber list, you have more chances to maintain that top-of-mind awareness.

This alone can give you a competitive advantage over all the other competing distractions they have to filter out.

If you truly have products and services that can actually help people solve their problems, you must build a list.

Otherwise, the folks that need your help may miss out on the solutions that you provide.

That in and of itself is a major disservice not only to them but also to yourself.

I will share five ways to get more people to subscribe to your newsletter so that you can help them.

Let’s discuss them now…

1)) Write a Squeeze or Opt-in Page

You can’t just put up the words “free newsletter,” post your subscription form and expect a rush of new subscriptions.

Instead, you need to create a squeeze page, which is a sales letter for your newsletter.

This page should include the usual parts of a sales letter such as the headline, the bulleted benefits list, and a strong call to action.

Here are two additional tips:

Answer The “What’s In It For Me” Question

From the second your readers land on your squeeze page, they’re going to wonder, “what’s in it for me?”

Your headline should answer that question by promising a big benefit.

And every line of your copy should continue answering that question until your prospect is convinced he or she needs to join your list.

Make It Reader-Oriented

Your letter should use the word “you” as much as possible (otherwise the reader will lose interest).

If you have statements that include the word “I,” see if you can rewrite them using the word “you.”

Example:I’ll show you how to train your dog.”

Rewritten:You’ll discover how to train your dog.”

2)) Offer a Freebie

Yes, your newsletter is free. But you need to offer a little extra bonus to entice subscribers to join now.

This extra bonus might be something like this:

  • A free report or e-book
  • A free multi-part e-course delivered by autoresponder. (This is one of the best freebies because it trains your subscribers to read your emails!)
  • Free access to a membership site
  • Free access to a webinar
  • Free audio recordings
  • Free video
  • Free software
  • Or other free tools or resources

NOTE: Some marketers disagree on whether to give away high-value freebies or not.

One side argues that if you give things away for free, that’s all your list would ever expect from you, which will cause you to not make any money from them.

On the flip side, there are other marketers who swear by giving freebies away, because they’ve made fortunes doing so.

My advice to you is that your results will depend upon the approach and system. You can make money by giving away freebies, and by not giving things away.

Don’t get caught up in that debate, because both models can work depending on what proven system you’re using.

3)) Provide Proof

Your prospects don’t believe you. And if they don’t believe you, they’ll guard their email addresses and click the back button.

That’s why you should include proof such as endorsements, testimonials, screenshots, videos, pictures, and other evidence that your claims are true.

Remember, until you’re able to get people to know, like, and trust you, there’s going to be an uphill battle.


You might provide “before” and “after” pictures on a bodybuilding site.

Or you might provide video proof of your affiliate account to show that you know what you’re talking about in terms of affiliate marketing.

4)) Arouse Curiosity

One of the best ways to boost your conversion rate is by arousing your prospect’s curiosity about your newsletter and/or your freebie.

You can do this in your headline as well as in your list of benefits.


“Discover a sales letter trick that doubles your conversion rate overnight – see page 18 to learn this surprisingly simple trick!”

“You’ll find out what five words you can say to marketers that will virtually guarantee they’ll agree to your joint venture request!”

5)) List Your Privacy Policy

Finally, you should include a link to your privacy policy on your newsletter subscription page.

Most people won’t read it. But it can boost your conversion rate among those individuals who are concerned about how you’ll use their contact details.

Be sure to let subscribers know you won’t trade, sell, or otherwise share their information.

You must do this because identity is at an all-time high.


Congratulations, you now know five ways to get more people to join your list.

Your email list is one of your most valuable assets because it contains the people you want to help by providing solutions to their problems.

I’ve given you five ways to grow your subscriber base, and that’s great.

However, you must be certain to look out for their best interest and not view them as an ATM machines.

If you do, that’s your prerogative.

But if you want to build long-lasting relationships so that they will begin to know, like, and trust you, making their wants a priority is a must.

The minute your subscribers since you’re only interested in making money off of them by providing little to no value, they will unsubscribe.

There’s no reason to put all that effort to get them on your list only to have them unsubscribe.

On a more positive note, the bigger you build your email list, potentially the more money you can make.

Marketers have estimated that a list owner can make anywhere from $0.50 to $1.00 per subscriber.

So, if you have a list of 1000 subscribers, you could potentially make between $500 to $1000 per month.

That’s just a realistic example.

Now, naturally, just knowing these tips won’t grow it.

So start applying them today, because the sooner you do, the sooner you can reap the rewards!

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