This quick guide has nothing to do with computer hacking…

I’m simply going to remind you of seven common sense ways that take almost no effort to apply to your daily lifestyle.

It’s amazing to see how losing weight is made so complicated when all you have to do is approach it from a keep-it-simple point of view.

We’ve been programmed to believe that if it’s not complicated, it’s not effective, and if you’re conscious of how this world works, more often times than not, the simpler the process the more powerful it is.

You will hear me preach simplicity over and over because it’s my responsibility to help prevent you from reinventing the wheel, by applying diet and weight loss strategies that have been proven to work time and time again.

Don’t over-think what I share with you in the Calorieburnology weight loss system…

Just apply what makes sense to you a little at a time to avoid overwhelm.

Let’s jump right into this…

WAY 1: Purchase Healthier Snack Items

There may be times when you want to munch on something, especially when you are not doing anything. To ensure that it won’t make you gain more weight, you should purchase and stock healthier snack items like yogurt, nuts, fruits, and so on. By doing that, you are assured that you won’t be providing your body with unnecessary calories when you eat your snacks.

NOTE: Overconsumption of healthy snacks can also make you gain unwanted body weight. This is where you apply the Moderation concept.

Exercise - Write down a short list of healthy snacks you will purchase

Snack #1:

Snack #2:

Snack #3:

Snack #4:

Snack #5:

WAY 2: Eating The Best Snack Items

When you eat in between meals, you should make sure that the food you intake is healthy as well. One example of a healthy snack would be a slice of chicken breast. Since chicken is a good source of protein, it can help your body in building more muscles. Aside from that, protein is actually harder to digest from animal flesh, which can help you in controlling your portions when mealtime comes.

WAY 3: Carrot Juice

If you are thirsty and you are longing for something other than water, then you should drink a glass of carrot juice instead. Carrot juice is actually filled with fiber, which can help you not just burn more fats, but also suppress your appetite. Thus, you should make it a regular practice to complement with your diet.

WAY 4: Avoid Simple Carbohydrates

Foods that have simple carbohydrates are high in glycemic content. Thus, it is best to go with food items that have complex carbs. By doing that, you are ensuring your body is able to maintain healthier blood cholesterol and sugar levels. Aside from that, foods that are good sources of complex carbohydrates are also harder to process, which can result in more calories and fats burned.

Examples of foods that contain complex carbohydrates:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Brown rice
  • Green veggies
  • Whole grains (e.g. oatmeal, whole-grain bread, pasta, etc.)
  • MISC veggies (beans, peas, lentils, corn, etc.)

WAY 5: Eat At Your Dining Table

When you eat elsewhere around your house, there may be a tendency you could eat more than you should. This is because playing on your computer or watching the television may distract your brain from accepting the signal from your stomach that it is already full. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you should eat at your dining table.

WAY 6: Eat Before Visiting The Grocery Store

When you shop for grocery items, it is best that you eat beforehand. This is because going inside a grocery store when you are feeling hungry can make you purchase more food items than you need. In fact, it can even make you purchase foods that are not healthy. Thus, it is best to grab a healthy snack before you go to the store. This way, you are more likely to stick to your list of items you want to buy.

WAY 7: Minimize Eating At Restaurants

When you are on a healthy diet, eating at a restaurant can actually get you off track. This is because most foods that are served in restaurants are cooked with lots of oil. Some serve foods that are highly processed. Thus, it is best you set a limit on eating out. Instead of doing it two or three times a week, bring it down to one, or once every two weeks.

You should also perform research on the restaurants you plan to eat at by viewing their online menu (if available). This allows you to determine whether or not it’s worth dining there.

Bonus Tip: Be Selective About Your Snacks

One of the things that can get you off track is eating snack items that are unhealthy, especially during nighttime. Thus, if you simply need to eat a few hours before going to bed, then you should choose something that won’t provide you with lots of calories. A good example would be a small pack of cookies that only contains a hundred calories or so.


I know that you’re saying to yourself, those 7 ways are a piece of cake to implement into your schedule.

I would agree, there’s nothing complex about them.

If you’ve consistently applied some of the methods I’ve shared, you should’ve lost several pounds at this point.

There’s nothing rocket science about any of this, but we all need to be reminded to put these simple techniques to work in our exercise and diet routines.

I love coaches and mentors, I engage them all the time to help keep me accountable and to learn from their knowledge and wisdom…

That’s what my goal is for you.

Go and take action on the knowledge you’ve gained from the 7 Simple Diet Hacks To Kick Those Pounds To The Curve!

Do it now!

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