Whether you have already started your journey towards mastering the art of archery or haven’t touched a bow and arrow in your life, really doesn’t matter when it comes to improving.

In order to become good or even great in anything, you must master the basic fundamental techniques.

Fundamentals are the foundation on which everything else is built.

For example; you must learn the basic steps for drawing and releasing, sighting, stance, following through, etc.

In addition, you need to keep yourself in shape, because there is a certain amount of strength and stamina of both mind and body that is needed to perform well with archery.

You will especially want to train your upper body.

Anyone who’s taken up this fun sport can tell you that archery takes its toll on the arms and the back muscles, and furthermore more upper body fitness means greater command over your shooting.

Today, I going to share 7 Tips To Become A Better Archer, no matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, remember, when individuals and teams start losing, not applying the fundamentals is usually the reason.

Without further ado, let’s begin…

1)) Learn How to Focus

The first thing that you must master is the art of being ready for anything, including the unexpected, which can only be accomplished by learning how to focus.

Surprises during your archery sessions can wreck your concentration, so you need to be prepared to deal with the unexpected in order to keep your focus at its highest level.

For example; if you were to hear a loud sound right as you released the arrow, you want to remain focused on the target and maintain your posture, which will allow you to follow through properly.

Be self-aware enough to be able to pinpoint your mental errors as well as technical flaws.

Think positively and concentrate on nothing else except your shorts.

You will want to have a mental stream of consciousness that you have created for yourself that automatically tells you what to imagine or conceive of.

2)) Learn From Past Mistakes

You must develop the ability to just forget about past mistakes.

All champions in all things, especially something as mental as archery, have this capability of forgetting about things they have done wrong before.

Instead, they learn from their mistakes, but they don't hold on to them. You need to think about and visualize making good shots, and they will come about.

Visualize your next shot as hitting the mark. Feel good about yourself when this happens successfully, and know that you're allowed to be proud.

What makes an athlete like Michael Jordan so great was his ability to learn from the mistakes he’d made in the previous games he played.

He didn’t get down on himself and simply used the history lessons to play better in future games.

There’s no reason that you can’t apply this same technique to improve your archery game.

3)) Consistency Is Key

Your “shooting average” metric is improved by being consistent, which is extremely important to you becoming a better archer.

Don’t overdo your efforts to shoot better and limit the practice of constantly trying out strange techniques.

Remember, games are won by those who consistently stick to the fundamentals.

If you don’t stick to the basics, your arrows will most likely be slung all over the place that way. Stay relaxed when you are winning and don't press when you fall behind.

Just keep shooting your shots in your way. Focus on one session and one shot at a time.

Always stay in the moment by compartmentalizing, which is what the best athletes do during their games.

4)) Develop an “I Can Do It” Attitude

Another way to improve your archery game is to think positively about yourself and your abilities.

You have to use your deeper mind to guide your actions. Think "I can do it" and visualize what a great shot looks like.

Always stay focused, and if your mind begins to wander, bring it back to your target and your visualizations.

Allow your concentration to gather. Keep your mind tuned to the task at hand.

Remember, your shot begins in your mind, and your posture, focus, and follow-through are what increase your odds of hitting the Bullseye.

5)) Embrace the Pressure of Competition

Believe it or not, the pressure of competition can make you a better archer if you condition your mind to do so.

Elements such as pressure, stress, and nervousness are all part of normal competition.

Archers have a saying: "Shooting while nervous is like shooting in the rain." You are not alone in your jitters; your competitors feel them too.

This pressure actually heightens your awareness and makes your physical reactions a lot faster.

The big takeaway is: You have not prepared to fail, so why would you expect to?

That makes no sense, does it?

So, stay relaxed, focused, and concentrate on having a good time.

6)) Program Your Mind to Filter out Distractions

I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of how your mind plays an integral part in improving your archery game.

You must proactively program your mind to help maintain focus, which will go a long way towards keeping you from being distracted by your surroundings and negative thoughts, which have nothing to do with winning.

Develop this mindset to be in tandem with your techniques as you shoot.

7)) Be Discipline

It goes without saying that you have to practice diligently and consistently. And during matches, you need to discipline your mind to remain focused on your shots and nothing else.


If you truly want to master the fundamentals, you have to be patient with yourself in learning every aspect of archery.

Key basics such as, aiming and releasing with a fair degree of accuracy can be learned in merely half an hour, but to become an expert archer requires years of training, study, and assiduous practice.

There’s just no way around that fact.

Remember, that practice is what makes for perfection.

There is no quick fix for truly mastering anything, and that certainly goes for a sport such as archery.

Many hours of dedication and practice are required to become a competent archer. Measure your progress by periodically entering competitions.

Another way of measuring your progress is to keep notes on your performance.

Keep records of your training sessions that include the details such as the weather, the number of arrows you shot, your scores, and any minor adjustments to your technique that you make.

You can periodically go back over your notes and observe for yourself just how far you've come, and that will make you feel good about your progress and inspire you to continue.

You need to know when to call it quits for the day, however. Don't force yourself to keep practicing if you are feeling burned out or are starting to get frustrated.

Don't quit too soon, but know when to say when.

And most importantly, have fun!

Remember, your mind is your most powerful weapon for mastering archery, which is why I talked about it so much in this article.

Now get out there and master the art of archery!

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