The statistics are shocking when it comes to the percentage of women who feel stressed out due to being overworked.

According to Small Business Trends, statistics show that over 80 percent of workers feel they are burning out.

When you add working long hours together with all the other responsibilities you have, which may include raising children, kid’s extracurricular activities, household chores, managing relationships, and so on.

No wonder it’s so challenging to find the time to eat a healthy diet and exercise consistently.

This overwhelming lifestyle that many women find themselves in causes them to give up their hopes of losing weight.

The good news is no matter how busy you are, there are always those simple little things that you could easily implement on a daily basis, that could have a major impact on your weight loss efforts.

Are you struggling with juggling a busy schedule and having a difficult time trying to drop those extra pounds?

If so, continue reading to discover seven tips on how to keep the weight off…

TIP 1: Use Creativity To Add Exercise Daily

If you spend most of your day at work, I suggest using any extra time that you have available to squeeze a little exercise into the mix.

For example, you could choose to use the stairs when you venture off to visit with co-workers instead of calling them because doing so could help you lose weight over time.

Remember, losing weight is a marathon and not a sprint…

So, every little bit of physical activity adds up and helps you reach your fitness goals.

TIP 2: Use Only The Dining Room Or Kitchen For Eating

If you are looking to lose weight in the most efficient manner possible, then you should make sure that you save your kitchen and dining room as the ONLY place where you eat and cook.

If you make it a habit to eat in other parts of your home such as on the couch or in your bed, you’re more susceptible to overeating, because these areas tend to be where you are usually the most relaxed and distracted.

Plus, you’ll condition yourself to crave food when you’re in those particular rooms, which you may be more tempted to grab a snack.

You must take control and condition yourself to be disciplined enough to eat in the rooms designated for chowing down.

Making this a consistent practice could prevent you from eating thousands of extra calories per week.

TIP 3: Cook With Herbs To Encourage Healthy Eating

The biggest complaint that women have about eating healthy is how bland the meals are.

That alone could cause the most disciplined health-conscious woman to stray and go on a junk food binge.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a tasteless experience.

The solution to a bland and boring diet is to simply spice up your dishes with some natural herbs.

Herbs when used in the right combinations will make your foods come to life, and your taste buds will go crazy over the fearfulness of every bit you take.

It’ll be as if your mouth is having a party!

The key to eating healthy foods over the long term is to properly season them in a way that you don’t miss the junk food.

Luckily, you can easily grow cooking herbs yourself, or buy them for cheap.

To help prevent boredom from setting in, keep a wide selection of herbs and find out what kind works for each dish.

Add your herbs at the end of the cooking process for more flavor.

TIP 4: Avoid Drinking Soda

It’s no secret that sodas are packed with sugars and other unhealthy ingredients.

They are filled with empty calories that could pack on the pounds.

If you think that drinking diet soda is going to do you good when trying to lose weight, you are quite wrong.

Remember, soda provides no nutritional value whatsoever.

I know that carbonated sugar water is delicious but does nothing positive for your health-wise.

You should eliminate all soda from your diet (or drastically minimize your consumption) and drink water or flavored water instead.

Flavored, means squeezing a little bit of fresh fruit juice from a lemon into your water.

This will give your water a refreshing taste.

You could even through in a few mint leaves.

Try this today to experience for yourself how delicious this will make your h20.

This simple act may encourage you to increase your water intake and decrease your cravings for soda.

If you become disciplined, you could see a great increase in the amount of weight you lose.

TIP 5: Eliminate Distracted Eating

If you eat while sitting in front of the TV enjoying your favorite shows, you are more likely to overeat, than if you were paying attention to how much you were consuming.

In tip number two, I explained the importance of using only the dining room or kitchen for eating.

Doing so, helps you to avoid distracted eating.

For instance, when you are on the edge of your seat enjoying a good movie, and you have a big bag of your favorite chips, before you know it, you’ll end up with only crumbs left.

If you add up the number of calories contained in a whole large-size bag of chips, it will become clear as to why the pounds are packed so easily.

Distracted eating can be detrimental to your health because the calories sneak up on you while enjoying your favorite TV programs.

By the way, distracted eating occurs in any setting where you are watching or observing such as sporting events, kid’s extracurricular activities, movie theaters, etc.

TIP 6: Consume A Predominately Plant-Based Diet

Try your best to eat a mostly vegetarian-based diet to encourage weight loss.

Meat, especially red meat, contains a lot of fat, so eating less of it can help you to shed extra pounds.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter how lean the cut of meat is, because all of it still contains some amount of fat.

You could replace red meat with extra beans, lentils, various nuts, soy products, and other good sources of protein to make sure that your diet is balanced.

Believe it or not, plants do contain protein.

Let’s face it, most of our daily diets do not contain enough nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy, which is one of the biggest reasons for a lot of the illnesses we’re faced with today.

If you think about it logically, if we don’t provide our bodies with the nutrients that are necessary to keep our organs healthy, how could we fight off diseases in the body?

When we will do this year after year, it’s no wonder the body becomes susceptible to diseases.

Consuming a plant-based diet is one of the best defenses that you could provide your body to fight against all those free radicals it comes into contact with on a daily basis.

TIP 7: Avoid Overeating Like The Plague

The best way to avoid overeating or making bad food choices is to plan your meals well in advance.

I know that meal prepping can be a real pain and a bit time-consuming, but well worth the effort.

If you wait until the last minute to decide what you are going to eat, you are more likely to choose unhealthy foods, especially if you work a day job, the vending machine may become your best friend due to the convenience.

By planning what you are going to eat in advance instead, you can stick with healthy choices and reach your weight loss goal faster.

I recommend planning and prepping your meals for the week on your days off.

Simply use one of the many cellphone apps to plan your meals, and then have the ingredients delivered right to your doorstep.

The delivery fees are reasonable, and well worth the small cost.

You don’t have to get into your car, deal with road-rage drivers, and busy grocery stores, and get your healthy foods delivered, all while saving money on gas, and wear and tear on your vehicle, reducing stress levels, and saving you a ton of time.

Prepping is the best way to avoid reaching for junk food and overeating.


And there you have it, you just discovered 7 Weight Loss Tips For Keeping It Off. And if you start applying what you learned immediately, it won’t be long before you begin melting off some of those unwanted pounds.

But remember, you don’t need to wait for the perfect time, because there is no such thing.

There’s a quote that goes like this, “The Road Of Some Day Leads To A Town Called Nowhere!”

When I get frustrated or feel stuck and I procrastinate, I say that quote out loud in order to give myself a boost so that I could get out of my own way.

I recommend that you do the same if you’re struggling with weight loss.

A large portion of weight loss success is mental.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, begin applying the seven tips I provided you in this article while simultaneously working on mastering your mindset for weight loss.

Your brain is your most powerful weapon for battling weight issues, and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity.

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