Have you been thinking about taking up a new hobby to add some enjoyment and fulfillment to your life?

With such a beautiful world surrounding us, why not try out some hobbies that are based in the outdoors?

We are under so much pressure these days and stressed to the limit, we rarely take the time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

Hobbies are a great way to help you relax and focus on what’s important in life.

I’ve listed eight hobbies in this article that will hopefully inspire you to want to go outside, look at the beautiful world surrounding us, breathe in the fresh air, and try something new.

Let’s cover them now…

1)) Gardening

Not everyone may have a green thumb but it’s good to give gardening a try. It’s very pleasing to see all the fruits and vegetables you’ve grown on your own.

Not to mention, you get fresh organic fruits and vegetables right out of your own home-grown garden!

Another great thing you can plant is flowers. Flowers brighten up your yard, making you feel a sense of peace.

Gardening is a great metaphor for life.

You may have heard sayings such as “You Reap What You Sow!”

Which simply means that you’ll eventually have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

Start small to see if you enjoy it, and then gradually advance your skills by educating and trying new things.

You never know, you may develop that “Green Thumb” everyone always talks about.

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2)) Astronomy

Looking above into the unknown brings calmness to some people. The peace and quiet of the night provide you the opportunity to be alone with your thoughts and de-stress from the day’s activities.

3)) Bird Watching

Many people have the same wish: for life to slow down. Watching the birds fly above us, seemingly not having a care in the world, brings people a sense of peace, curiosity, and anticipation for upcoming events.

There are several folks, before giving it a try who thought bird watching would be boring, that ended up pleasantly surprised by how interesting it really is.

That could be you, and I advise against counting it out until you try bird-watching for at least 30 days.

Over time, you’ll be able to recognize the different species of birds and call them out by name.

That would be very impressive if you have children.

They’ll think you’re the coolest parent ever!

4)) Cloud Watching

Looking at the clouds above us stimulates our imagination. It’s always so much fun trying to decide if a cloud looks like a dog, pig, or penguin riding a bicycle.

There’s no age limit to this hobby; children and adults can both equally enjoy this activity.

PRO TIP: One of the best ways to enhance your cloud-watching experience is to have a picnic at a beautiful park or beach, and when everyone has finished eating, lay down on a soft blanket and let your imagination go to work.

If you’re dealing with some challenges in your life, cloud watching is a terrific way to get your mind off of things.

5)) Butterfly Watching

Like bird watching, looking at all the different colored butterflies flying around, not seeming to care, brings upon a sense of curiosity about bigger and greater things in life.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t see many butterflies nowadays, which is why you should do some research to find out the areas where they’re heavily populated.

This will help you avoid disappointment, especially if you plan on taking children.

If you’re fortunate to find a few areas that are heavily populated with butterflies, be certain to bring a decent digital camera or mobile phone for some awesome picture-taking.

6)) Bonsai Trees

This hobby allows you to grow trees in small pots in such a way that they look artistic, old, and interesting.

This outdoor activity allows you to be creative and imaginative.

This hobby is believed to have originated in China but is now practiced all over the world.

The art of trimming and shaping Bonsai Trees can take years to master but will be worth every minute of the learning process, especially the end results of your disciplined efforts.

7)) Camping

When some people think of camping, they envision peaceful rivers, the quiet of a forest, fishing, and crackling campfires.

For those people, camping brings a sense of peace and calmness.

However, others who are asked to think about camping think of mud, bugs, and fears of animals attacking them.

For those people, camping is not as fun and not nearly as relaxing.

Before deciding to go on a camping trip, know whether or not you’d enjoy sleeping in the woods for a couple of nights.

PRO TIP: If you’ve never been camping before, it’s recommended you enlist the help of someone that’s really experienced.

While camping could be fun, the woods can be dangerous.

And always tell someone the location of the campsite and when you plan to return home.

8)) Travel

Traveling to places you’ve never been, could provide you with many lessons about yourself as a human and about the different cultures surrounding that specific geographic location.

Traveling to new places is stimulating to many people, making it one of the most popular outdoor hobbies today.

A great way to enhance your experiences is by journaling, taking pictures, and shooting videos.

You could share the trips that you chronicle with your loved ones.

I’m pretty sure some of them would enjoy watching and learning about other cultures, not to mention all the beautiful scenery.

If you’ve never thought of traveling as a hobby, then you better start, because it most definitely is.


I’ve just shared eight fun outdoor hobbies you could try, that could deliver the fulfillment and joy you’ve been seeking.

Not everyone enjoys the outdoors, but for people who do, some of these hobbies may be a great thing to add to their everyday life.

Most of us have overloaded schedules and believe there’s no time to take up any hobbies.

No matter how busy you are, you most likely can carve out some time every week to spend on a hobby.

For example, you could watch a few hours less of TV, drop non-essential activities from your schedule or scale them back a little to free up some time for your hobby.

Life is passing by faster than we’d like, and making time to enjoy it is our responsibility because it won’t happen on its own.

Besides, our To-Do Lists never end, no matter how many we cross off because new ones will continue to be added.

The moral of the story is to make some of those non-urgent tasks wait and go take up a hobby.

There’s an infinite number of hobbies, simply try the ones you’re interested in until you find your favorites.

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