Do you recall those times when you used to dream about how wonderful it would be to tie the knot with the person of your dreams?

If truth be told, as wonderful as marriage is, there are times when things get challenging and the relationship is tested to the point where divorce is considered.

Marriage can have its ups and downs and a successful one is only possible if both parties are prepared to work at it.

Love must be nurtured if you want to keep it from going stale.

Has your marriage gone stale?

Have you stopped spending the time that is necessary to cultivate a relationship that is fulfilling?

If this is the case, read on.

Here are 8 ways that could help make your marriage go from boring to infinitely fascinating…

Way 1: Forgive

Disagreements are only natural in any relationship.

Wherever there are two people living in close proximity there are bound to be times when they disagree.

Learning to forgive and not hold grudges is vital if they are to prevent bitterness from seeping in and souring things.

People make mistakes and do silly things.

We need to be quick to apologize, and quick to forgive.

Married couples must never harbor grudges. Besides, harboring grudges solves nothing.

You can’t move forward in your relationship until you forgive your spouse.

Otherwise, whatever they did or said will continue to be brought up in conversation, which means it’ll be relived over and over again.

So, forgive or stay stuck.

Way 2: Be Respectful and Honest with One Another

Don't take one another for granted.

Learn to say thank you.

Express your appreciation for the things your spouse does for you.

Tell the truth.

If there is a problem, talk about it, don't bottle it up.

Couples who face their problems and talk things through are the ones that are most likely to build a strong, loving relationship.

Way 3: Remember To Laugh Often

The daily grind of life can make everything seem like a chore.

A married couple should take time to share jokes and other crazy antics to decrease tension.

Remember, laughter is healing and therapeutic.

Way 4: Communication is Key

It may seem obvious, but good communication is the key to a fulfilling relationship.

Don't let things fester.

If the wife is feeling upset by something her husband has said or done she should tell him right away, she shouldn't assume that he will guess what is wrong.

What may be obvious to her may not be obvious to him!

Husbands too need to be more forthcoming in sharing what is on their minds.

Good communication is vital.

Way 5: Decide Together

It is important that couples make joint decisions on things like finances, children's education and upbringing, the delegation of household chores, etc.

One must not be superior to the other.

If you can't reach an agreement straight away, leave it for a while and come back to it again later on.

If there is still a stalemate, be prepared to give in to your spouse.

Take turns in giving in to one another.

Marriage isn't a competition; it’s a delicate blend of compromising and complementing.

Way 6: Don't Forget the Small Things

Husbands need to remember to compliment their wives.

Don't forget to praise her for a job well done.

Buy her flowers.

Take her out for a romantic meal.

Tell her how beautiful she is.

Make her feel like she is your princess.

Wives should also be attentive to their husband's needs.

She should compliment him on the many ways he provides support to the family.

Enjoy each other's company.

Showing affection to one another is essential.

Way 7: Stay in Love

Nurture your love for one another.

Enjoy every new discovery and every new day with your spouse because no one is promised tomorrow.

When the relationship hits a rough spot, simply imagine your life without your spouse and how miserable you’d probably be.

This should put things into perspective.

Way 8: Stay Intimate

Intimacy is only able to grow in a marriage where there is a strong commitment to one another.

Learn to be honest with one another about what turns you on and what turns you off.

The sexual side of marriage needn't wane.

Greater knowledge of your spouse and deeper affection should make love-making a celebration of your life together.

Make time to be intimate even if you have to schedule it due to busy schedules.


Being married is not always easy, especially in our society where so many marriages fail for one reason or another.

But as long as both partners know that they have each other to hold on to, it should be a rewarding relationship.

When things get rough, remember the vowels that you two made during your wedding day; be there for each other, “for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and till death do us part”.

No matter how compatible you are with your spouse, no relationship can successfully run on auto-pilot.

Marriage has many aspects that must be nurtured in order for them to grow such as intimacy, spending quality time together, managing finances, maintaining the household, raising the kids, and the list goes on.

Unless you and your spouse work together, many aspects will take over the relationship and may lead to miscommunication and misinterpretation of the simplest situations and cause unnecessary tension, which can lead to the deterioration of your marriage over time.

We whole-heartily understand that resolving issues in a marriage isn’t an easy process, but if you want to turn things around, you have to start somewhere.

Experience has taught us that keeping it simple is usually the best way to accomplish goals, which is why we recommend that you use the 8 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Marriage as a starting point.

Good luck boosting your marriage!

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