Wouldn't it be nice to date a woman you can trust without guarding your feelings?

Can you imagine how motivated and driven you'd be waking up every single day, knowing you have the perfect woman for you? How complete would your life be if you were to get married and start a family?

This may sound like some type of fantasy, but it's not because despite the high divorce rate there are thousands of couples who have fantastic and vibrant relationships.

So if they can have successful relationships, why can't you?

You can and it all starts by asking yourself the right questions.

Fortunately for you, I’ve already listed some of the most important ones and answered them.

Your life is shaped by the questions you ask and the answers that you get.

You will most likely base your actions on the answers that you receive.

If you are interested in knowing five of the most powerful dating questions on how to date women, here you go…

Question 1: Why Is Romance So Important To A Woman?

Definition of Romance: This is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t want to be romanced.

It’s in a woman’s nature to want a man to make her feel special by wining and dining with her.

I personally don’t see anything wrong with taking a woman to interesting places and eating out, as long as she genuinely appreciates it and doesn’t necessarily expect you to do it all the time.

I don’t condone being used by a woman by allowing her to purposely empty your bank account.

Regardless of how much women have been labeled as gold diggers, they’re not all like that.

How will you know if the women you’re dating are gold diggers?

In some cases, it’ll be obvious because they’ll be bold and straight up ask you to buy them things.

On the other hand, some of the women you date will be very smooth about their approach, be patient, thus taking time in order to throw you off, and then bam!

They too will find ways to separate you from your cash.

That’s why it’s extremely important for you to develop your dating mindset so you can filter out the women who are not good for you.

Please don’t underestimate your brainpower, because it will connect the dots for you.

Tips For Being Romantic:

  • On your first date ask her for a list of things that she considers romantic. You want to ask her for a list so she’s not able to figure out what you’re going to plan for her on your upcoming dates. This is great for keeping her thrown off. By asking her upfront, you’ve taken the guesswork completely out of the equation and half your battle is already won. All that’s left for you to do is choose the activity you want to plan first and the rest will fall right into place.
  • Don’t act like you’re on the show The Bachelor, be confident and be yourself because the last thing your date wants is a show-off or a guy who appears fake.
  • Being a show-off will be a turn-off unless she’s a gold-digger!

Even if you are financially wealthy, be humble because she’ll see you have money, but if she’s a real woman, that’s not what she’s going to base her decision on whether to continue dating you or not.

  • Speak in your normal tone of voice; don’t change it up in order to sound like someone else…
  • You don’t have to sound like the late Barry White, LOL!
  • Create a simple checklist before planning your romantic date, as this will reduce the chance of you leaving out a critical step, which can make or break the mood.
  • Arrive on time to pick up your date, because the last thing you want to do is show up at her doorstep late. This is sure to kill the romantic mood and set a negative tone for the remainder of the date.
  • Show up with Yellow Roses on your first date, because yellow represents friendship and most women know this. You will gain major points by paying attention to this small but powerful detail.
  • Make sure your first date takes place at a quiet intimate location, such as a nice restaurant where the lights are dim as this will also add to the mood.
  • Place a nice courtesy call to your date before going to pick her up. This will allow her to gauge how long she has before you arrive. She will appreciate your courtesy.

Being romantic really isn’t difficult and it’s definitely not rocket science.

If you find yourself getting off course, just apply some of the tips for being romantic.

Question 2: How to overcome “Cold Feet” when approaching a woman for a date?

I know that if you’re not used to approaching women it can be an intimidating experience.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re freezing up and just not able to bring yourself to approach a woman that you’d like to date, keep the following in mind:

  • Be Confident and Not Just Act Confident
  • The Worst Thing She Can Say Is, No!
  • Never Forget, There's More Than One Woman On This Planet
  • Like Nike says, “Just Do It!”

I know you’re an intelligent guy, but we all at some point forget about important fundamentals that need to be applied in certain situations, which is one of the reasons I wrote this article.

The Nike slogan “Just Do It!” No matter how overused it may be, it is the perfect mental energy booster that you can apply.

Don’t overthink it, just go up to her, introduce yourself (if you’ve never spoken to her before), strike up a conversation, see where things lead, and if there’s some chemistry ask her out on a date provided that she’s single.

Question 3: How to get a woman that you like to notice you?

This question pertains to a woman you frequently come into contact with but have never asked her out on a date.

She may not be aware you are interested in her.

This woman could be a friend of the family, a friend of a friend, a co-worker, an employee of a business that you patronize or the owner of it, and so on.

Here’s the thing, this woman may also like you as well, but could be hiding her feelings in terms of body language and her facial expressions when she’s around you.

You know both men's and women’s body language changes when they are talking to someone they like.

For example, you can tell when one of your guy friends is talking to a woman on the phone, because he is relaxed, has this glazed look in his eyes, this silly smirk or smile on his face, and looks as if he’s floating on a cloud over Disneyland.

He’s so happy while speaking to this lady on the phone, that you could probably ask him for a thousand dollars and he’d probably give it to you…

Just kidding!

But you get my point.

By now you may have noticed that my theme in this article is to be direct and to keep things simple…

Here are three tips that will help you immensely:

  • Just Go Up To Her And Start A Friendly Conversation
  • Get Introduced By A Mutual Family Member or Friend
  • Avoid Chasing A Woman Because She May Have A Power Trip

Question 4: How to keep the conversation going?

Let me start by saying that you shouldn’t have to force a conversation, because that could be a sign of incompatibility.

No or forced communication could also mean that one or both of you could be shy.

But if neither of you is shy, this may mean that you have nothing in common and there’s no chemistry.

If there’s no chemistry, then you may want to consider cutting your losses after the date is over because it’s not worth forcing a relationship when there isn’t any compatibility between you two.

I’ve personally seen my friends and family who’ve made this critical mistake and it always ended badly.

Whether they’ve decided to get a divorce or continue to struggle through it, they still forced relationships that weren’t meant to be.

On the flip side, if you hit it off with your date and you two are able to talk almost endlessly, then it’s pretty clear the chemistry is there.

In my opinion, even if the chemistry is there it doesn’t hurt to apply a few of the Date Enhancers below.

I’m a firm believer as people we should always look for ways to improve every aspect of our lives no matter how good we are in whatever it may be and the rules are no different for dating.

Date Enhancers During The Date:

  • Don't Ask Cheesy Questions
  • Don't Get Too Personal Too Soon, Gage The Conversation
  • Don't Interview Your Date, Just Let The Conversation Flow Naturally
  • Tell Tasteful Funny Jokes (Nothing nasty, sexiest, racial, political, religious, etc.)
  • Make Your Date Feel Safe Using A Friendly Tone In Your Voice
  • Make Your Date Feel Safe By Using A Strong Physical Posture
  • Don't Interrupt Her While She's Speaking

Date Enhancers After The Date:

  • Call Your Date The Following Day To See If She Enjoyed Herself Or Not
  • Send Flowers and Candy To Your Date's Job or Home
  • If You Send Roses Make Sure They Are Yellow (Yellow represents friendship)
  • Send A Thank You Card Via Mail Or Email
  • Schedule Another Date

Question 5: Is dating a woman with a troubled past a smart move?

Dating a woman who hasn’t dealt with her troubled past can spell disaster down the road because those memories and feelings don’t usually go away on their own.

Those extreme traumatic memories are usually repressed, which is when a person unconsciously blocks them.

I’ve personally dated women who experienced abusive childhoods which they were able to repress but noticed as they got older those ill emotions began to resurface.

The resurfacing of those traumatic emotions really destroyed the relationships.

I firmly believe any woman who’s holding all that hurt inside of them should seek a therapist to help them begin the healing process, because an abused woman may hold back her feelings, especially if a man did the abuse.

It’s not fair that the woman was abused in the first place, but it’s also not fair for her to attempt to let a man into her life if she hasn’t resolved her issues from the past.

If you do decide to continue dating a woman with a troubled past, you better prepare yourself mentally, because you will get frustrated when she emotionally shuts down on you or hold back her feelings…

It will become so mentally draining; you will eventually ask yourself, “Why I’m I staying in this relationship?”

There’s nothing wrong with caring for a woman and being committed, but you have to decide in the very beginning stages of your relationship whether that’s something you can deal with or not, because you don’t want to end up ceasing the relationship, thus leaving her in the worst shape.

Here Are A Few Questions That You Need To Ask Yourself:

  • Are You Prepared For The Possibility Of Being Verbally Or Mentally Abused By This Woman?
  • Will She Allow You To Get Close To Her Mentally?
  • Are You Prepared To Get Her Help?
  • Will She Accept You Getting Her Help?
  • Will You Eventually Question Your Sanity?
  • If You Have Children Of Your Own, How Will This Affect Them?

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If you apply what you’ve learned today from these five powerful questions, you’ll greatly improve your dating life.

For some guys, taking the time out to master their dating skills is just too much work and they feel the effort isn’t worth it.

But you know what?

Since dating is a skill, the more that you practice, the better you’ll get at it.

Not every man is naturally gifted in the dating department, which means practice, practice, practice, and more practice.

As good as sports teams are, they always practice in order to polish their skills…

And you should do the same.

I call this act of improvement in developing your Dating Mindset because this determines how you respond before, during, and after your dates.

However, a word of warning – just knowing those five questions and answers isn’t going to make the woman of your dreams magically appear.

You must apply the information to get the results.

That’s because the key is you need to take action on what you just learned.

Have fun on your dating journey!

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