You should be pleased to know that looking your best is not all about spending crazy amounts of your hard-earned cash on expensive clothes.

The good news is that one of the least expensive ways to look stylish is by accessorizing your wardrobe.

Women's accessories can help to enhance your personality without looking bizarre and feeling out of place in your own skin.

They can also complement your best physical attributes and hide your less flattering parts.

Accessories make you look more fashionable even without wearing fad or trendy clothing.

Women's clothes can be accessorized with items such as jewelry, scarves, purses, belts, gloves, and shoes.

All these items combined can make your outfits look charming and complete without spending a ton of money.

Let’s discuss a few ways to accessorize…

Coordination is Key

Choose accessories that coordinate with the fabrics, colors, and textures of your clothing.

Find accessories that will work with more than one outfit to stretch your budget.

This allows you to mix and match your clothes and accessories by creating new looks on demand.

When done correctly, the people within your circle may think that you’re buying new clothing all the time, when in fact you’ll simply be mixing, matching, and accessorizing.

Look for neutral-colored items such as hats, scarves, handbags, gloves, and jewelry so you can wear these with a number of outfits.

By the way, those items are the easiest ways to accessorize your outfits.

Colors that usually go great with a variety of patterns include plain tan, white, blue, green, red, and classic black.

When it comes to basic accessories, try your best to follow some of the latest fashion trends.

Browse through popular fashion magazines to see what is trendy for the season and change your accessories accordingly.

Many of the top fashion magazines have an online version that makes research extremely easy and can be done right from the comfort of your home.

These sources can provide you with great ideas on how to combine colors, fabrics, and patterns to create the perfect coordinated outfits.

Keep in mind that many fashion magazines go to the extreme when it comes to trendy women’s clothing and accessories.

Some of the outfits displayed in these magazines are over-the-top, and you’d probably never wear them out in the real world.

So, choose those that you feel will look great on you for the occasion, and leave the others to the fashion models and the glamorous runways!

You might also be able to use your jewelry, shoes, or belts with different ensembles after you get some new ideas to play with.

Many clothing items for women can be interchanged with other pieces to create multiple outfits giving the illusion that you’ve purchased new garments as I mentioned earlier.

So, you might wear one shirt with two different skirts or one skirt with several different shirts.

Then switch around your accessories to match.

The more you practice, the better you’ll become and thus turning your efforts into somewhat of an art form.

Accessorize with Jewelry

Make sure your jewelry complements your clothing's neckline.

For example, if you were wearing an open V-neck blouse or sweater, then a lovely necklace would definitely complete the look.

If you have a detailed neckline with fancy trim or stitching, try wearing a nice bracelet and eye-catching earrings.

If you have a complex necklace and bracelet set, wear it with something simple to balance out the look.

A long necklace will draw the focus away from your neck and face if that's your goal.

Avoid wearing earrings that bring all the attention to your ears; they should complete your outfit, but not overpower it.

A fancy or detailed handbag should be used with a simple, single-colored outfit.

Be Trendy and Fashionable

Be sure to wear a variety of accessories. For instance, don't wear the same necklace with every outfit or the same scarf with every suit.

Mix and match your accessories so your outfits will always be appealing and interesting.

Remember, you’re giving the illusion that you’re purchasing different outfits.


Women's accessories can be fun to pick out and wear once you know how to shop for them.

If you want a new look or need help getting started, pick up some women's magazines or go online to discover what looks good with what and find the styles that you like.

Then, go through your closet and put together a new wardrobe with dazzling accessories to match.

Don’t be afraid to take chances with your selections, because the art of accessorizing should be fun and not feel like a job.

If you don’t like something, take it or ship it back.

It’s just that simple.

To keep your budget in check, you should always take the time to search for deals because there’s absolutely no need to go broke over a wardrobe.

Use these accessory ideas to look your best every day!

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