How do skin tags affect your personal and professional life?

If you’re like a lot of suffers, you’ve probably wondered if a real solution exists that you can apply in the comforts of your own home without breaking the bank.

Some individuals are scared of surgical procedures in removing skin tags, but they want to get rid of the skin growths as they pose cosmetic concerns.

If you have unsightly skin tags, there is no need to be scared of some acids, knives, or surgical methods.

You don’t have to resort to those options immediately, because there are effective home remedies that you can try.

Let me tell you what skin tags are before I share 5 ways to get rid of them

What Are Skin Tags

Skin tags (acrochordons) are growth that comes along with aging. There are no known causes for the growth of skin tags but is referred to as benign growth which is often described as bits of flesh or skin tissue that protrude from the surrounding skin.

Skin tags are growth that hangs on a person’s skin with a stalk. Even if there are varieties in appearance, the majority of skin tags are slightly wrinkled and smooth with little irregularities.

Because of these fleshy bumps, some people tend to be negatively affected by the way it hangs on their skin, which contributes to intense mental rather than physical discomfort.

Normally, skin tags form in clusters that can be up to one centimeter. Skin tags can appear on different places of the skin like the groin, below or under the breast, neckline, underarms, and eyelids.

Some are so small they may go unnoticed, while others get as large as grapes.

Tags are usually benign in condition and are not associated with any medical factor, because they are commonly found in people who are healthy.

About 40% of the total population reports having skin tags at some point in their life.

Generally, skin tags are typically not present at birth and usually grow during adulthood.

Although skin tags are more common in older people, they can develop in children in areas around their necks and underarms.

People that are overweight also have a high chance of developing skin tags in areas where there’s continuous friction and rubbing.

Elevations in hormones such as those in pregnant women can cause an increased chance of forming skin tags, although once pregnancy ends; the tags may disappear.

Causes for Removal

Even if tags are considered an unusual growth, it is harmless and positively benign, which can’t lead to any kind of malignancy, unlike moles that can lead to melanoma, a kind of skin cancer.

That is why there is no need for alarm if the tag is not removed or treated for there are no alarming threats to be concerned with.

2 Most Common Reasons for Removal

  • Appearance (unsightly)
  • Discomfort when rubbed against or touched

No matter how small or large a skin tag is, it can still cause some discomfort which leads to irritability especially if it continues to come into contact with clothing or other parts of your body.

You should definitely look into having your skin tags removed if they’re irritated to the point of bleeding, which can cause cell death in that area.

Depending upon the location of your skin tags, there may be instances where they get snagged by pets, clothing, jewelry, and even seat belts, which can cause discomfort or even pain.

Currently, there is no evidence that suggests skin tags are cancerous or lead to cancer.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what skin tags are and prefer not to go with expensive surgical procedures, you can try these remedies at home to rid your skin of these unsightly skin lesions…

Read on to discover Effective Home Remedies for Skin Tags…

WAY #1: Put warm water on a small basin and soak the affected area for fifteen to 20 minutes.

Dry the affected area and use a cotton ball to apply apple cider or white vinegar and leave it on for the next fifteen minutes.

Wash it off and then pat dry. Repeat this process daily until the skin tag disappears.

WAY #2: Dissolve aspirin with a drop of water. Apply the solution to the affected area and cover it with plaster or a Band-Aid. Do this twice every day until the skin tag is gone.

Way #3: Skin tags can also be removed by using vitamin E. Vitamin E is known for its skin healing capabilities.

It is important to apply vitamin E to a Band-Aid or directly to the skin tag and check the skin tag when the Band-Aid loosens.

An improvement in skin color will be evident and eventually, the skin tag will fall off.

Way #4: Many people use duct tape for skin tag removal. As this method is used for removing warts naturally, you can also use it to remove skin tags.

You put a small piece of duct tape over the skin tag and leave it on your skin. When the tape begins to loosen, pull it off and see if the skin tag comes with the tape.

If it doesn’t, reapply the tape until the tag eventually pulls off with the tape.

Way #5: If you don’t mind a little pain, tying the skin tags off is another solution. You basically use a short piece of string and tie it tight.

This will cause the blood supply to be cut off to the skin tag. The blood supply is why a skin tag stays alive in the first place.

Cutting this off, allows the skin tag to die off. This will then cause the excess skin to fall off of your body.


Try these effective methods at home to remove skin tags. These are inexpensive methods and the materials can be found mostly at home.

You don’t have to buy them because you can find them in your kitchen. To ensure maximum effectiveness, you must follow the directions on how to apply them properly.

The key is to choose one method and apply it consistently until the skin tags are removed.

These remedies require some time before results can be visibly seen, but you mustn’t lose hope. Keep applying the remedies and before you know it, your skin tags should disappear.

You have to be patient with some of these methods of skin tag removal because it can take weeks to see satisfactory results.

Surgical methods are the fastest way to get rid of skin tags but can be expensive.

You just learned how 5 ways to get rid of skin tags. And now there’s just one thing left for you to do: take action!

I know, you’ve been here before. Maybe you’ve even tried home remedies, but it just didn’t work out.

But this time it’s going to be different.

And that’s because this time you are going to follow through on the natural ways to remove skin tags that you’ve learned in this article.

You can do this. You deserve this.

So go ahead and get started now, because clear skin is waiting for you!

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