Have you ever considered applying the Law of Attraction a.k.a. LoA to your own life to get what you want?

If you’ve never used the LoA before, you might be wondering what it is, why so many people believe in its power, and how you can use it to your benefit.

Fortunately for you, this brief guide will answer these questions and provide you with a wealth of practical examples that you can put to use immediately.

But before we go any further, let’s take a crack at answering these questions in the simplest way possible.

What is the Law of Attraction?

In brief, the LoA states that things that are alike will attract each other.

For example, if you think positively and concentrate on positive outcomes, then your thoughts will actually attract those positive outcomes into your life.

Now, at first, you might think this sounds like some hocus-pocus magic fairytale. You might scoff at the idea of “attracting ideas” into your life through positive thoughts alone.

However, in truth, this has a very practical meaning.

And, in fact, the LoA recommends very specific ways in which you can change your life through actions, rather than just thoughts.

How so, you might ask? It’s simple.

By transforming your mindset to focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t have, you will come to view the world in a different way.

Each thought you have will bring you closer to your goal, rather than bringing you down and focusing you on what you might never have.

In short, using the LoA keeps you focused on ways to improve your life, rather than roadblocks that may simply be perceived, rather than true. And that brings us to our next question.

Why Do So Many People Believe It Is True?

As I said, the LoA actually has many practical implications for your life.

It directs you to do very specific things if you want to change the course of your life. And this is precisely why many people believe it is true:

Not only does it confirm what they have always believed to be true, but after they put it into practice, they see the positive results that it can have; and these results transform their lives.

Indeed, it is the tangible, palpable progress that people experience once they have adopted the LoA mindset that makes them strong proponents; and encourages them to spread the word to others.

How Can You Use the LoA to Your Benefit?

The Law of Attraction has many uses. It can be used to achieve goals. It can be used to improve your financial situation.

It can be used to get a promotion at work. And it can be used to improve your interpersonal relationships.

Indeed, the LoA is very powerful and useful.

It can transform a person who is struggling with his or her career and who feels as if he or she can never experience success into a self-confident individual who is ready to accomplish goals; and will not let anything step in the way.

How To Use The Law of Attraction?

You now have a rough idea of what the LoA is and why many people have adopted it.

But before we go further, it’s a good idea to give some compelling insight into the LoA.

The LoA is not only a statement about attraction, but it is also a suggestion for how we should think about situations in our lives.

In particular, it urges us to think about abundance, rather than scarcity. For illustration’s sake, consider the following four example scenarios.

Decide whether you have an abundance or scarcity mindset.

1)) You’re deciding whether to help out a business associate with a new project he has in mind. You know that it has the potential to be successful, and you know that you can help him to implement it.

But, ultimately, you decide not to do it. You decide that a small part of your customer base overlaps with his and you don’t want to lose even a single customer to him.

2)) You’re deciding whether to start an affiliate program to promote your new product, but you’re discouraged by the fact that you have never done this before.

Instead of seeking out help, you decide that it probably won’t work out, so you don’t do it.

3)) You just started a new business. You want to rent an office so that you have a place to send your employees.

You know that this is a big risk, but instead of letting this bog you down, you refuse to view it as an obstacle; and instead push forward, determined to make it work no matter how hard it may seem initially.

4)) You’re deciding whether to do something nice for your significant other. You know that you could make his or her life easier by doing this favor for him or her, but you ultimately decide not to.

Instead, you decide to hold off, so that you can offer to do it as a bargaining chip for something in exchange.

After reading these examples, can you see the difference between an “abundance” mindset and a “scarcity” mindset?

Can you see how the LoA directs you to think and behave in a way that will generate reciprocity and kindness from others?

And, furthermore, can you see how following the LoA directs you not to worry persistently about being taken advantage of; and not to live your life with the goal of extracting every last penny and favor from everyone else, while doing nothing for them in return?

These are important things to see and understand about the LoA if you ever want to practice it successfully and reap the rewards that it offers.

How Do You Know It Works?

Many people suggest that you shouldn’t worry about whether the LoA is working.

You shouldn’t worry whether thinking positively and maintaining an abundance mindset generates better results for you.

But I disagree. As with all things you do in life, business, and personal relationships, it’s important to evaluate whether or not what you are doing is actually working.

It’s extremely important to do this so that you can refine your approach by making adjustments.

Besides, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

This is also true with the LoA, no matter what people tell you to the contrary. Now, at first, you might see this as a contradiction.

You might wonder how you can simultaneously be positive and believing while also maintaining a degree of skepticism. But, in fact, it is entirely possible.

How can you do this? Start by setting a trial period. Give yourself, say, 3 months.

In this period of time, commit yourself to following the Law of Attraction.

During this trial period, don’t let anything stand between you and your goals.

Think positively and focus on achieving those goals, rather than focusing on the things that can prevent you from achieving them.

Also, during that trial period, adopt the “abundance” mindset.

Don’t worry about “winning” every social interaction; and don’t focus on extracting every last dollar from your customers, your business partners, and your friends.

In short, behave as you would if you had already achieved your goals.

If you were as wealthy, attractive, likable, accomplished, and intelligent as you wished to be, would you be scraping for every last dollar?

Of course, you wouldn’t. And, if you ever want to get there, you shouldn’t behave this way, either.

So, give yourself a trial period of 3 months, put your all into it, and see what happens.

I can almost guarantee that living abundantly, thinking positively and constructively, and giving to others without expecting something in return will transform your life, your business, and your relationships in a positive way.

Why Cynicism is Bad

When it comes to the LoA, many people make the mistake of believing that skepticism is bad. But, in truth, there’s nothing wrong with skepticism.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking a deal through before we make it.

And there’s nothing wrong with wondering whether berries we picked in the forest are edible or poisonous.

Skepticism is important and can keep us alive and improve how our businesses function.

On the other hand, cynicism is an entirely different animal. When we convince ourselves that nothing can be good, that nothing can work out well, and that everything in our lives is rigged against us, we cave into something that is very contrary to the LoA.

Namely, we forget to try to attract positive things into our lives through visualization and action; and we instead harp on the things that have gone wrong.

If you are serious about practicing the LoA to achieve your goals, mend and strengthen your relationships, and become successful in business or at work, and life in general, then cynicism is the first thing that must go.

And you must replace it with an endless and persistent willingness to overcome challenges.

Why Focus and Visualization Are Important

The Law of Attraction suggests that if we focus on positive things, then positive things will be attracted into our lives.

This is why followers of the LoA stress that we set aside time during the day to focus on the things that we want and visualize them coming into our lives.

As a new practitioner of the LoA, you should begin setting aside time during the day to do this.

You should start by spending several hours clearly defining your goals.

And when you do this, don’t only think about getting a certain amount of money, but think mainly about how you will use it (i.e. to make your family’s life better, to get that house you always wanted, the shiny new set of wheels, etc.).

After you have defined your goals, you should spend at least a half-hour each day doing nothing other than focusing on them and visualizing them happening.

It may seem excessive at first, but in fact, it is a method that many professional athletes and successful businesspersons do on a regular basis.

Once you have done this a few times, you will understand why it makes sense. It helps you to focus your attention where it should be: namely, on achieving your goals.

It also helps you to walk through your goals carefully, step-by-step through visualization.

Remember, goals focus your mind and effortlessly connect the dots in the form of resources that can help you achieve them.

This is important, as it will help you to form a very specific plan about how you can overcome problems and achieve goals, no matter how difficult they may seem.

How to Create an Environment for Focus and Visualization

We’ve now established that focus and visualization are important parts of applying the LoA.

If you can focus on your goals, if you can visualize them happening, and you can accept their happening, then you can apply the LoA successfully and reap the personal and material benefits that follow.

With this said, it is important to think about how you can improve your focus and bolster your visualization techniques.

You can start by employing the following techniques, which are known to improve your mindset, calm your nerves, and allow you to concentrate:

1)) Burn incense or light an aromatherapy candle. Pick a scent that will energize you and focus you, rather than dull your senses or put you to sleep.

Scents such as peppermint, grapefruit, or vanilla will accomplish this goal. Once the scent has filled the room, close your eyes and focus on your goals.

Attempt to visualize how they will happen, and feel open and accepting as they do.

2)) Get a massage. A massage can loosen up your muscles and make you feel relaxed and calm.

This will make it easy for you to focus your mind on only one thing, namely the process by which you will achieve your goal.

3)) Take a warm bath with dim lighting. This will put you in a quiet environment away from other people, where you can relax and focus with no distractions.

Concentrate your mind on only one goal and how you will achieve it.

4)) Practice meditation. One of the best-known techniques for focusing on one thought only is meditation.

Learning how to meditate better will translate into better use of the LoA.

In short, focus and visualization are important parts of practicing the LoA. So, if you want to practice the LoA correctly, then you need to find ways to focus and visualize better.

How to Avoid Bad Thoughts

As I said earlier, cynicism can be destructive to our use of the LoA. It can prevent us from trying harder by convincing us that things are not possible.

And it can prevent us from focusing on an idea and following through.

For these reasons, it is important for us to keep bad, cynical thoughts away when we are truly attempting to practice the Law of Attraction.

Instead, we must focus on ideas that are positive and that reinforce our vision of the future.

How can we do this?

There are a number of different ways. I suggest just a few below:

1)) Find Ways to Snap Out of Bad Thoughts

If you find yourself reinforcing bad thoughts with more bad thoughts, you have to find some way to break free from the cycle.

Psychologists often suggest using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques in situations like this.

One commonly suggested CBT technique involves wearing an elastic band around your wrist. When you start to encounter negative thoughts, snap that elastic band.

That immediate, physical feedback can help you to jolt out of a cycle of negative thoughts; and then begin to fix your attention on something else instead.

There are other techniques that involve discontinuing what you are doing at the time and doing something else instead.

For instance, if you are in your cubicle at work and you are looking at a massive stack of papers, you might begin to feel depressed and overwhelmed.

Instead of sitting there and staring at the papers, get up and take a quick break. Grab some green tea or talk to someone in a nearby cubicle.

This can help to break the cycle of negativity before it begins.

2)) Avoid Places that Generate Negative Thoughts

In your day-to-day experiences, you have probably recognized that certain places create negative thoughts.

Perhaps there was an event in the past where you failed at something unexpectedly.

Or perhaps something bad happened to you and your family; and whenever you pass by a certain place, you think of that bad thought.

From now on, it’s time to start pushing those places out of your life. If a place makes you sad and it is very little you can do to overcome that sorrow, then don’t visit it anymore.

Take a different route to work. In short, avoid any place that can put you on the path to becoming increasingly negative.

3)) Carefully Choose and Maintain Relationships

If you have friends who constantly degrade you, doubt your abilities, or insult your ideas, it’s time to make new friends.

While it’s good to have a skeptic in the crowd to bounce ideas off of, it rarely helps to have a cynic around who can do nothing other than find hundreds of (implausible) ways in which your ideas might fail.

These types of people are referred to as “haters” and “frenemies.”

It accomplishes nothing, and it prevents you from maintaining your positive thoughts. So, from time to time, evaluate your relationships.

Decide whether the friends you have chosen to associate yourself with are improving your life and reinforcing your success; or whether they are simply dragging you down.

In brief, the LoA can be summarized in three steps:

First, think deeply about what it is that you truly want most.

Second, focus only on that thing and visualize how you will attract it into your life.

Third, be open and accepting of that thing that you want most, even if you initially subconsciously fear accomplishing it or don’t believe it’s possible.

Beyond that, practicing the LoA amounts to exercising focus and visualization. It also requires you to think in terms of abundance, rather than scarcity.

Now let’s discuss specific ways that you can apply the LoA to improve your life…

Using The Law of Attraction For Personal Growth

If you’re like most people, you set goals all the time, but you rarely realize them.

Many people, for instance, commit themselves to a particular New Year’s resolution but do not ever follow through. You may be guilty of this, too.

You can use the Law of Attraction to change this and accomplish your goals.

Why is this?

It’s because the LoA is all about goals and achievement. It contains a well-known truth: the difference between those who succeed and those who fail is often a very slim margin.

The ones who succeed were willing to stay with a goal for just a little bit longer, and the ones who failed gave up before reaching the finish line.

With this said, let’s take a look at two examples of how you can apply the LoA to goals in your personal life:

Example #1: Weight Loss

Perhaps you’ve been trying to lose 20 pounds for years, but have never succeeded. In the past, you’ve decided to do it multiple times, but you simply never followed through.

Using the LoA, you can now achieve this goal with much less effort, suffering, and internal struggle.

You can start by fixing your focus on the goal: weight loss. Decide that it is something you must do. Find reasons to support this goal, and constantly remind yourself of these reasons.

Once you have truly accepted that this goal is worthy of the struggle it will bring, move into the visualization phase. Imagine how you will lose that weight.

Visualize yourself working out hard, and making difficult dietary choices that require sacrifice.

Furthermore, visualize how making these changes will improve your life. See yourself in the future after you have slimmed down. Do you feel healthier? Do you feel less self-conscious?

Do you feel more attractive and self-confident?

These are all important things to see and realize.

And there’s no better way to do it than using the LoA. Just remember: if you want to attract a slimmer version of yourself into your life, then you will need to focus your mind on that image.

Finally, open yourself up to the realization of the goal. In those strange moments where you suddenly doubt whether you really want to be 20 pounds slimmer, push back and affirm your original goal.

You have made the right choice and you know it, so do not let conflicting feelings pull the rug out from under your progress.

Example #2: Personal Growth

From time to time, we become bored with the status quo and wonder what our lives might be like if we had spent the time to develop a skill or learned a craft.

For instance, you might wonder how your life would be if you had continued to play the saxophone; or if you had learned more art, started that online business, etc.

These are all legitimate longings, and each presents us with a possibility for personal growth and greater life satisfaction.

However, if we ever want to experience the pleasure of playing an instrument skillfully or practicing another craft expertly, then we will have to put in the effort to improve our skills.

Fortunately, the LoA explains precisely how we can do this.

We can start by truly deciding what we want to do; and once we do that, we can fix it as our goal.

For instance, decide that you want to play the saxophone or start a business.

Now, if this is not truly something you want to do, then don’t make it a goal.

Only make it a goal if it is something you truly want in your life, and if it is truly something you believe will make your life better in tangible ways.

With your goal fixed, visualize how you will attain it. Will you practice three times a week?

Will you practice in the morning or will you do it after work?

Will you invite your family to be a part of it? Will you find other musicians and play your instrument with them?

Will you work on your online business multiple times per week?

Finally, open yourself to the realization of the goal.

Imagine that it is one year in the future and you have become an accomplished sax player or have built a thriving successful online business.

How do you feel about this vision? Are you uneasy with it? Do you strangely feel unsatisfied with it, as if you were truly interested in the chase, not the realization?

Well, get over these feelings of uneasiness. The final stage of the LoA involves becoming comfortable with the realization of your goals.

And this is precisely what you have to do if you wish to be successful.

LoA and Learning

One final topic we will consider is LoA and learning. This is important because learning problems are often what prevent people from being successful.

Either they aren’t willing to learn continuously and change as they learn, or they aren’t willing to learn something that will enable them to grow and make better decisions.

With this said, applying the LoA is the same process as always.

Start by deciding what it is that you need to learn or how you need to change the process by which you learn (i.e. perhaps you want to learn continuously, rather than discretely, as you do now).

Once you have pinned down that goal, the process is no different than it was for any of the examples we have covered thus far.

Simply visualize the outcome, and then open yourself to the realization of the benefits learning can bring.

We considered how the Law of Attraction can be applied to personal growth. And, of course, the answer is the same as always.

Start by pinning down your personal growth goals. From there, repeat the three-step process until you achieve success.


Throughout this guide, we have discussed the Law of Attraction in depth.

You have seen the law itself, you followed its implications, and you have seen a wide array of different examples that explain precisely how you can apply it to your life.

You now know that the Law of Attraction encourages you to do three things:

1)) To set goals

2)) To visualize those goals being actualized

3)) To accept the actualization of those goals as they occur. It may seem strange or magical, but repeating this three-step process is undeniably powerful; and brings with it the promise of a better life with greater material and personal success.

The other thing you’ve learned is the principle of abundance, which guides how you should use the Law of Attraction.

Whether it comes to business, your personal life, or your goals, you should focus on abundance, rather than scarcity.

And the reason for doing so is clear: you want to attract abundance into your life, not scarcity, so this is precisely what you should fix your thoughts on.

But now that we’ve arrived at this point, the rest of the journey is yours. It is up to you to apply the LoA (or to not apply it).

It is up to you to set goals that you truly think are worthy of your time and effort and to follow through with these goals using visualization and acceptance.

If you can apply the LoA to your life successfully; and you can stick with it, you can increase the chances of finding the exact results you sought initially.

Your life will improve at will, and your deficiencies and problems will slowly fade into the background.

So get started today. Initiate your first goal-setting session and decide what it is that you want to accomplish most.

Once you are finished with that, set some time aside today to focus on those goals and visualize how you will make them happen.

Finally, make sure you are truly open to the realization of your goals so that you do not subtly sabotage them by undermining the goals you have set.

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