A lot of times women are attacked in places such as parking lots, parking garages, at malls, while jogging, going into their homes after returning from being out and about…

Women are attacked because some men perceived them to be inferior and weak.

What these unsuspecting men don’t understand is that there are some women that really know how to defend themselves, because they’ve mastered self-defense arts.

If you’re a woman that hasn’t practiced any martial arts, don’t worry because you’re about to discover the 7 ultimate techniques and weaknesses criminals who were interviewed look for to take advantage of you.

These tips aren’t just for the busy holidays either.

It’s all about keeping your awareness all year round.

Follow these tips and you can protect yourself from becoming one of this year’s next statistics.

Technique #1: Coming up to my vehicle, did I look around - aware of who is near it?

Am I walking my packages in a cart or carrying them in my hand?

Criminals interviewed say they want to attack the woman who is walking alone and not aware of her surroundings.

Always put shopping bags in a cart.

This allows you ample time to react if someone is approaching you.

If you’re carrying bags, this renders your hands useless to protect yourself and gives a criminal a bonus.

Remember… the buddy system.

Late-night shopping always needs to be a ‘girl’s night out affair.

Technique #2: Are my keys already in my hand before leaving the store giving me self-defense protection?

Again, awareness plays a huge part.

Also, with a key in hand, it can be a terrific weapon if you’re suddenly grabbed. You can use it to poke the criminal in the eye or stab them in the face.

Technique #3: Am I talking on the cell phone…fixing my hair… counting my change… writing in the checkbook…and not paying attention?

Paying attention is the key.

Take care of all that ‘stuff’ in the store.

NOT in the parking lot, or outside of the vehicle.

Taking care of business in your car makes you a sitting duck (target) for criminals.

Technique #4: Is there anyone loitering around my vehicle… if so… are they suspicious enough to make me go back into the store?

Don’t think you’re being silly.


Especially when your safety is on the line.

If you’re not comfortable with walking to your car, ask security to accompany you or if there isn’t security available, a store manager will do it – it is their job.

That’s what they are getting paid to do.

Technique #5: Is my vehicle in a well-lit area?

Is it easily visible to passersby?

If I can’t see my car well, who can?

Criminals say they do not want to be noticed, recognized, or slowed down in any way.

If you’re not easily seen by others at a mall or store, that makes you a perfect target for a criminal.

Technique #6: If I have automatic keyless entry, did I hit the unlock button twice … making it easy for someone to get into my passenger side door?

Get into the habit of opening just your driver’s side door.

Modern technology is wonderful when you’re with others, loading packages, during the day.

But, at night when your field of vision is limited, don’t take any chances.

Criminals are hoping that you’ll make their job easier for them.

Technique #7: If I am approached by someone – no matter how much help I need, it’s OK to turn them down.

Remember, criminals will do and say anything they can to gain your trust.


If a stranger wants to help you with your bags, tell them no, thank you.

If they still insist, tell them no again.

Criminal interviews revealed that they will try to play on a victim’s heartstrings to get access to the vehicle, a purse, or for the vehicle keys - and move in for the attack when trust is gained and it’s at least expected.

If you are unable to load packages into your vehicle, ask for help from the store – they would be glad to help. It’s their job.

The 7 techniques that we’ve provided are proactive methods that you can implement immediately.

Bonus Tip: We highly encourage you to take some time in your busy schedule to take self-defense classes for women.

The reason for taking a class that’s this specific is because they address criminal attacks on women and provides you insight into the mindset of those criminals.

Another benefit of taking these women-specific classes is that they get straight to the point with the training.

When compared to the time commitment (in years) required by traditional martial arts training, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the reduction in your learning curve and bank account.

Well, there you have it, 7 techniques that allow you to take a proactive approach to keep yourself safe while in public or in your home.

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