Most places on this planet don’t have an endless supply of freshwater.

So the only solution for society as a whole is to implement practical ways to conserve.

Droughts caused by global warming are a contributing factor to why some parts of the world have a shortage of freshwater.

All living things need water to survive because it’s our life’s blood and is involved in most bodily functions.

Conserving water is easy if you know what to do.

If you consciously think about conservation your mind will connect the dots, and you’ll discover several ways in which you can do so without much compromise.

You’ll start noticing ways that you could reduce the amount of water you use that you may not have thought of in the past as a result of you consciously being aware.

In the meantime, we’d like to get you jump-started with 10 Ways To Conserve Water

Let’s cover them now…

1)) Turn Off The Water While Brushing Your Teeth

Standing there while you’re brushing your teeth allowing the water to just run down the drain is a huge waste of water.

You don’t need it.

Turn it off, brush, and then turn it back on.

Do This Quick Experiment: Place a large bowl to capture the water as you brush your teeth for the length of time that you usually do.

When the bowl gets full, turn the water off and pour it into a 1-gallon jug.

If you need to continue brushing, place the bowl back under the running water and then dump it into the 1-gallon jug again.

Repeat this process for as long as you brush.

This simple exercise will give you a rough estimate of just how much water is being wasted while doing a simple task such as brushing your teeth.

2)) Catch Cold Water for Plants When Waiting for the Hot

If you need hot water and notice that it takes a while to get to the hot temperature, grab a container or bucket and catch the cold water.

For example, you can use it for your house plants or container garden.

3)) Catch Rain Water for Watering Plants

A great way to save water is to catch rainwater and rain runoff from gutters to use for watering your plants or garden.

4)) Take Showers instead of Baths

Believe it or not, a shower can save more water than a bath if it’s quick.

Filling a tub uses more water than you need to use.

If you take short showers, switch out most of your bathing for showers.

5)) Turn Off Water While Soaping Up

In the shower, get your body wet, and then turn the water off while you lather up.

Try keeping your showers to a maximum of five minutes to save the most water and still get clean.

6)) Plant More Edibles and Less Grass

Lawns use a lot of water. If it’s not against the rules where you live, try growing only useful plants that you can eat in as much of your yard as possible.

7)) Don’t Flush Urine

You’ve heard it said, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down.”

Well, this is a true thing and it works to avoid wasting water.

We know that this isn’t for everyone, but it’s a great way to conserve water.

8)) Mulch Plants Properly to Retain Water

Using natural mulch that helps keep moisture for plants can mean you water less.

Mulch is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased from any home improvement store.

9)) Prune Plants Well

When you grow plants, if you prune them and toss the parts that you don’t need, you can avoid watering those unwanted parts.

TIP: You can consult a farmer's almanac to see what the best times of the year you should prune your plants.

10)) Fill the Dishwasher All the Way before Running

Try not to run the dishwasher if it’s not a full load.

Most dishwashers have a rinse cycle so that you can avoid food sticking; this is more frugal than washing an almost empty load.

NOTE: Keep in mind that your dishwasher isn’t garbage disposal, which means that you must remove most of the food first and even soak them if it’s caked on.

Do this regardless of what dishwashing detergent solution you use.

Your dishes will come out clean without having to run the dishwasher twice, thus conserving water.


If you put these 10 Ways To Conserve Water into practice you’ll drastically decrease the amount of water used in your household.

If you live with other people, try to get them on board with implementing these water conservation methods, which will multiply the amount of water conserved.

Can you imagine the global impact of people around the world begin conserving water?

The amount of freshwater we’d be able to conserve would be staggering.

We encourage you to implement as many of the 10 Ways To Conserve Water as possible and to get creative by coming up with your own, and you’ll be well on your way to doing your part in terms of conserving water.

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