Halloween is one of the most popular family holidays of the year, because there are plenty of fun activities for both adults and kids to participate in.

Parents get very excited to see their little ones dressed in cute costumes.

They take a thousand pictures and share them on social media.

If you have small children, this is usually the best time in life you’re going to have with them.

As they get older and assume their own identities, the less time your kids will want to spend with you.

That’s just the way it is.

However, in the meantime while they’re still small, you should take advantage of the opportunity to create great memories with them.

You’re in luck because today I will share ten ways to make Halloween fun.

Let’s go over them now…

1)) Trick-or-Treating

It’s no surprise that one of the most popular Halloween activities is trick-or-treating. If you are concerned about your kids heading out on their own on Halloween night, why not tag along?

Put on a costume yourself, and take the time to enjoy the scenery and everyone else's costumes.

You might even get some candy of your own.

TIP: To make the adventure more exciting, you could invite some of the other parents in the neighborhood to join in on the fun. You’ll have other adults to converse with thus enhancing the trick-or-treating experience even more.

If you aren’t comfortable going out into the neighborhood, drive to a nearby mall as many of the stores often hand out candy during Halloween.

2)) Deck the Yard

If you decide to stay at home on Halloween night, why not make it fun for everyone who comes to visit you?

Decorate your yard, entranceway, wear a costume and get ready to give the flood of trick-or-treaters the sweet bounties they come to collect.

It’s all about creating a fun and festive atmosphere.

3)) Costume Parties

If you enjoy costumes, why not attend a costume party or host your own? This can be a great way for adults to have a more mature Halloween celebration, or just a fun way to allow the kids to enjoy their costumes for a little longer.

4)) Costume Contest

A great way to pass some time during the party, as well as encourage everyone to come in costume, is to have a contest.

If you are hosting a party for younger children, you will want to make sure you have enough categories so that everyone wins a prize.

This can prevent any child from being left out.

Scariest costume, funniest costume, most creative costume, best animal costume, etc. can all be categories.

You can have party goers nominate and vote for the different categories.

Find some fun Halloween favors to hand out as prizes, or you can create your own medals or award ribbons.

Be creative by letting your imagination run wild.

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5)) Face Painting

If you have a little artistic talent, face painting is another fun activity for a Halloween party.

Brush up on drawing ghosts, pumpkins, black cats, and witches, and you will be good to go.

This can be a great way for kids to participate if they didn't come in costume, or just a way to have fun.

You might forewarn parents ahead of time that you are going to be doing face painting so that your little witches don't come in already coated in green face paint and warts.

Pro Tip: If you’ve never painted anyone’s face, simply watch free video tutorials online that teaches the fundamentals. This can help you get up to speed before Halloween.

6)) Haunted Houses

If you really want to get creeped out on Halloween, consider taking a tour through your local haunted houses.

Most are designed to be gory and scary, so keep that in mind if there are little ones in your group.

If you do have very small children, research to find haunted houses that are more age-appropriate.

These attractions are usually quite popular, and are often open the entire month of October, so if you don't want to wait in line consider visiting them earlier in the month.

7)) Boo At the Zoo

If there is a zoo in your city, it might be worth checking to see if yours offers any special events in the month of October.

Usually taking place on the weekends, Boo at the zoo usually allows your kids to dress up in costumes, receive treats, visit their favorite animals, and participate in fun activities.

8)) Movie Night

For movie buffs, some theaters will set up all-night horror film festivals. They often feature select cult classics like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, as well as others.

This can be great entertainment for those who plan on staying up all night. Alternatively, if you want to stay home, consider having your own movie night at home with your personal Halloween favorites.

In our media-rich world, there’s no shortage of streaming services in which you could practically find any movie available right in the comforts of your home on multiple devices.

9)) Haunted Hayrides

For another traditional Halloween activity, consider taking a haunted hayride. Often hosted by local farms (quite possibly the one you pick your pumpkin from) these after dark activities include a spooky hayride, bonfire, and snacks and are usually appropriate for all age groups.

10)) Research Your Ghostly Neighbors

Nearly every town has an area or building that is said to be “haunted” by some local ghost.

Visit your local library or historical center to find out where these places are, and take your own local tour.

In some areas, paranormal investigation teams run Halloween tours which allow you to do some ghost hunting.


We just covered 10 Ways To Make Halloween Fun for your entire family!

However, there are plenty of ways that you can choose to celebrate this holiday.

A costume, some candy, and a little holiday magic and you are all set for a “spooktacularly” good time.

With a little creativity and planning, you can create a Halloween night that your kids will always remember.

Halloween is a fun holiday for both kids and adults.

It gives children the chance to dress up as a favorite character and eat tons of sweets.

Plus, thanks to the commercialization of all holidays, there is always a variety of things to do during the month of October.

There are plenty of activities that the kids of all ages in your family can participate in, so why not get out of the house and join in the fun?

Most cities will have plenty of options for Halloween fun in October.

If you plan on staying home, make it fun by throwing a party that includes fun activities.

Happy Halloween And Be Safe Out There!

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