If you’re like the mass majority of people, you probably set some New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year.

You may have resolved to lose weight, exercise more, be more productive, or even change careers.

There are so many different things that you can promise you’ll do to improve your quality of life.

If you’re in a relationship, you may want to put making your relationship more open and honest at the top of your list.

Many couples tend to just let their relationships take care of themselves and hope that the issues will work themselves out.

Then they’ll argue every day and start disliking each other.

Ignoring your relationship isn’t the best way to keep it going in a positive romantic direction.

If you want your relationship to be a happy one, you have to work on it.

There are some things that you can do to keep your relationship going strong as well as continually happy.

Have a look at the following eleven tips to help improve your relationship.

Let’s get started…

Tip 1: Get Physical

Grab your partner’s butt or rub it on their lower back.

There’s absolutely nothing morally wrong with showing them some affection.

This simple act of touching will remind your significant other just how hot they are.

Tip 2: Kiss Each Morning

A passionate kiss in the morning is the equivalent of having your romantic breakfast.

What better way to start the day off than with love?

It will positively affect your entire day.

Tip 3: Greet Each Other With A Good Morning

Acknowledgment of each other daily shows how much you care and that you both are grateful for another day on earth.

Tip 4: Make Time To Cuddle

Physical closeness goes a long way to keeping warmth, excitement, and love you’re your relationship.

So, hug up and watch a great movie together.

Tip 5: Don’t Isolate Yourselves

Make it mandatory to get out at least once a week together with family or friends.

Life is short, so do the best you can to go out and live a little.

We know that most of us have more tasks to do than we have time to get done in.

Tip 6: Practice Listening Skills

Couples need to listen to each other as well as be able to communicate effectively.

Listening is the one skill that must be practiced because we’re all so distracted in this day and age.

Tip 7: Share The Household Chores

Sharing chores can keep your relationship on equal footing because no one in the relationship will feel resentment due to having to do all of the work.

As a matter of fact, sharing the housework could create a stronger bond and bring you closer to your significant other.

Tip 8: Be Honest

You should be honest with each other even when it’s not easy.

This should be a no-brainer but being honest for some folks is more difficult than you may think.

Honesty builds lifetime trust.

Tip 9: Respect Each Other’s Private Space

This is particularly important when you live together.

Each of you should have a place to retreat to for a little while to have time to yourselves.

Everyone needs some downtime where they spend it alone to reflect and relax.


Telling your partner “thank you” and asking “please” shows them how much they’re appreciated.

It also prevents you from taking them for granted.

Tip 11: Play The Decision Game

When neither of you can decide which restaurant, you want to eat at or what movie you want to see, one of you can name 5 choices.

The other partner vetoes 2 of these. The first partner then eliminates the last 2. Now you have your decision.

When you apply the Eleven Tips To Keep The Flames Burning In Your Relationship, you and your partner will continue to have a healthy relationship in which you can both feel comfortable and excited.

Also, when you think about it, these simple tips are things that you should have been doing all along.

We know that our busy lifestyles tend to get in the way and we get caught up in the daily grind that we forget these simple things that can keep our relationships burning hot.

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