Most people cringe when they hear the word cardio, because they immediately envision being on some piece of exercise equipment for at least 45 minutes, sweating profusely, board out of their minds, and thinking to themselves that they could be doing something more exciting.

Can you relate?

If you can, you are most certainly not alone, because millions of people feel this way.

That’s one of the reasons that exercise equipment manufacturers are starting to incorporate computer monitors in which you could participate in instructor lead classes from afar.

These virtual cardio classes that take place on those computer monitors provide you with a sense of community, which also provides you with support and motivation.

What if you don’t have access to those great cardio machines or don’t have the time to hit the gym, would like to have more of a variety, or prefer to compress time-frames and get some cardio in while you’re out and about?

The good news is that you’re in luck because we’ve listed three ways to incorporate cardio into your daily life without causing you to disrupt your schedule.

We understand inside and out of not having enough time in the day, because of our demanding work and home life schedules.

But regardless, we all must try our best to keep our cardio systems running at optimal levels in order to boost our metabolisms to burn extra calories, stay energetic, and so on…

Here are the three ways to incorporate cardio on the go…

Way #1: Use The Stairs Instead Of The Elevator Or Escalator

These are great modern conveniences, but they make us very lazy. Also, it may be faster to take the stairs than to wait on an elevator to open or for an escalator to take you to the top or bottom. Whether you are in a mall or some other location, taking the stairs forces your body to work harder overall because you’re using more muscles and oxygen. When you get your whole body involved in cardio activity, the more calories you’ll burn, Period!

Way #2: You Can Walk Anywhere If You Have Time

For example, if your work, the grocery store, or anywhere else you’d like to walk to is not too far away, consider walking there or riding a bike. It may take you a little longer, but you'd be getting a good calorie-burning workout in at the same time. Imagine getting fit and going to a place that you were going to go to anyway…

Way #3: Park In The Furthest Parking Space

We know this is a no-brainer because the further away you park, means the further you’d have to walk to get to your destination, which means you will burn more calories. While it may be simple in theory, if you put this into practice all the time, the amount of body weight that you can lose would be nothing short of amazing.


You just learned the 3 Powerful Ways To Incorporate Cardio On The Go.

If you’re already incorporating these three ways into your daily life, we applaud you.

If not, go ahead and try them starting today.

Weight loss is positively affected by the cumulative physical activities that you apply on a daily basis.

Those activities don’t have to be the same as some super athletes to be effective in helping you to lose weight.

Keep it simple and consistent, and you’ll be amazed at how much weight you could lose by implementing activities such as taking the stairs instead of getting on the elevator.

Try them out and gauge your progress.

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