Who doesn’t want to make money working from home? Even the folks that enjoy their jobs wouldn’t mind bringing in some extra cash.

The biggest challenges that those who aren’t in the known face when looking to start a home-based business are information overload caused by having too many options, untrustworthy information sources, and a lack of time.

In this article, we will share ten of the best time-tested and proven ways to make money right from your home in 2019 and beyond.

Let’s jump right in and get it done…

WAY 1: Email Marketing

Email marketing is simply a way to make money by building a list of people that are interested in a certain topic such as weight loss.

You simply research to see what those people are buying and then you create a high-value giveaway that relates to those products.

For example, if your research reveals that people are buying courses on how to get rid of flabby arms, then you simply create a short report on that topic as a giveaway.

You’ll then create a page called an Opt-in or Squeeze Page where you’ll collect the Names and Emails of those that are interested in your free giveaway.

After you’ve collected their Name and Email address, you’ll simply send them a variety of emails so that you can build trusting relationships.

Once, your list of prospects Knows, Like, and Trusts you they’ll most likely buy the products and services that you promote to them because you’ve taken the time to help them with their problems.

Remember, the products that you promote can be your own or those created by others.

WAY 2: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting products and services that have been created by other companies, in which you get a percentage of every sale that you’re responsible for making.

You always perform your research to see what products and services people are already buying.

Once you’ve discovered what products and services people can’t get enough of, you research the product merchants to see if they’re reputable.

The last thing that you want to do is sign up as an affiliate and promote products for an untrustworthy merchant because you may or may not get paid for your efforts.

Also, you must be careful not to associate with those untrustworthy merchants because you don’t want to ruin your reputation with your list of prospects and customers.

There are some people that make an absolute fortune with affiliate marketing.

WAY 3: Local Marketing

Local marketing is simply providing services for local businesses that help them to build their brands and get more customers.

The services that you can provide range from Video Creation, Reputation Marketing, Google Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns, Social Media Management, Lead Generation, and the list goes on.

There’s a lot of money to be made if you like to be personal with local business owners because this is a high-touch business model.

Depending upon the services that you provide, you could make $500 and up per client per month.

WAY 4: Publishing Kindle e-Books

At this point, Kindle has become a household name and probably doesn’t need any explanations.

Just in case you haven’t heard of Amazon Kindle e-books, they are simply electronic books that you can instantly download to the Amazon Kindle or other types of mobile devices that have the Kindle APP installed right after purchase.

You may own a few Kindle e-books yourself, but have you ever thought about creating them to sell to other people?

You can create an entire series of Kindle Books and easily upload them to Amazon, and when you sell copies of them Amazon will pay you your share either by direct deposit into your bank account or via physical check.

How cool is that?

You create the Kindle Book and Amazon fulfills the order by downloading it directly to your customer's mobile devices.

There are some super Kindle Booksellers, but they had to build up to that status by doing a lot of smart marketing.

There’s no reason that you couldn’t do the same.

WAY 5: Ecommerce Stores

E-commerce stores are in a way like online shopping malls in which you can sell a variety of products all from one website.

In our opinion, it’s best to narrow your store’s focus to a particular niche or demographic instead of trying to sell everything to all people.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “You’ll Go Broke If You Try To Sell To All Folks?”

If you want an example of an e-commerce store, look no further than the LifeStylenaireStore.

If you noticed, we’ve focused mainly on gifts for couples and gifts that you can buy for moms and dads.

As bizarre as it may sound, you can launch an e-commerce store on Beekeeping products, Watches, Yoga Supplies, and so forth.

WAY 6: Create And Sell Information Products

Information products are a multimillion-dollar industry that shows no signs of slowing down.

These products can be in the form of PDF e-books, Kindle, Audio Books, Printed Books, and so on.

There are many marketers that have made a tremendous amount of money creating and selling information products.

The creation process always begins the same, you must always perform market and product research to discover the top sellers in whatever niche you want to enter.

Then create a better version based on those hot sellers.

TIP: Always read the negative reviews on the products that you plan to create a better version of so that you can implement those improvements.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to create the product yourself, you can always outsource it to a subject matter expect.

WAY 7: Create Online Courses

Online education is now a multi-billion-dollar industry and with the advent of easy-to-use cloud-based APPs, you can be up and running in a matter of days.

If you’re an expert on a topic, you should definitely consider creating courses to teach others how to master it.

For example, if you’re good at yoga, creating websites, programming, and accounting, and the list is almost infinite, you need to go for it.

Just check out platforms such as udemy.com, to see all the different types of courses regular folks are creating and making an absolute fortune doing so.

What better way to make money than to teach others how to do what you’re passionate about?

You know what they say, “If You Do What You Love, You Never Work A Day In Your Life!”

It goes something like that, but you get the point.

WAY 8: Create A Niche Specific Media Network

A Media Network is simply a Main Website and its related Social Media properties that are mere extensions of the main website that focuses on specific niche topics.

Remember, “You’ll Go Broke If You Try To Sell To All Folks!”

You can start your own media network based on the niche that interest you.

You don’t have to create the online properties all at once because it can get overwhelming.

Once you have your properties set up, a lot of visitors, and a decent-sized list of people that have signed up for your electronic newsletter, you’ll have many ways to make money.

You can promote products and services to your list.

The following is a short list of what you could do as an advertiser:


  • Sponsored Native Editorial and Social Content
  • Email Newsletter Sponsorship
  • Sponsored Social Posts and Shout-outs
  • Social Contest Production Management and Promotion

We hope that you can see the endless possibilities that you have with the Media Network business model!

WAY 9: Publish Other People’s Courses

Do you recall WAY 7: Create Online Courses?

Instead, you have to do all the work and creating online courses to teach others, you can simply find subject-matter experts and publish their courses

You could find experts that don’t want to be bothered with the technical aspects of setting up their course Online but is open to having someone else do it for them in exchange for sharing the profits.

Don’t you see how powerful this business model is?

You can become a master of finding subject-matter experts on various topics and implementing their knowledge online.

The big benefit is that you can go into hot niche markets that you know absolutely nothing about and make money.

We hope that you’re excited!

WAY 10: Membership Sites

Membership sites are the holy grail of making money online because it’s one of the most dependable Online business models known for their ability to produce passive and predictable monthly recurring income.

This recurring income is also known as continuity, and you’re very familiar with this business model whether you’re aware of it or not.

Let us prove it to you by informing you of different industries that use the continuity business model.

Your Utility companies charge you a monthly fee to provide you with necessities such as Electricity and Water.

Magazines charge either a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription fee.

Are you starting to see that the membership business model is used everywhere and with several different products and services nowadays?

More and more companies are adopting the membership business model so that they can lock in profits in advance.

Let’s do some simple math…

Let’s say that you had a membership site where you taught yoga online and charged only $10 per month.

With just 1000 members paying that measly $10, you’d be banking a cool $10,000 per month ($10 x 1000 members = $10,000).

That’s a very realistic figure because some sites have thousands of members and charge more money.

We’re being very conservative here because we don’t want to hype things up.

Here are a few examples of membership sites that make millions per year:

  • lynda.com
  • Teamtreehouse.com
  • Reflexionyoga.com
  • Pencilkings.com
  • Guitartricks.com

We introduced those sites to you in order to show you what’s possible.

You just discovered the 10 Best Ways To Make Money From Home

However, a word of warning – just knowing those ten proven ways to make money right in the comforts of your own home will not create the semi-passive and passive income you desire.

That’s because the key is that you need to take action on what you just learned. And that’s why we encourage you to select the business model that resonates with you the most and then do more research to learn more about it.

Our Top Pick: Membership Sites

Here are the reasons that we choose the Membership business model:

Reason 1: Predictable Monthly Recurring Income

Reason 2: Your Profits Compound As More Members Join

Reason 3: You Get Paid Over And Over For Work You Do Once

Reason 4: It Provides You with Time And Financial Freedom

Reason 5: Ability To Provide Multiple Solutions All In One Place

Reason 6: Has The Potential For You TO Create Your Own Retirement Nest egg

Membership Site Cons

Con 1: You have to figure out all the moving parts necessary to build it

Con 2: You have to figure out how to put those moving parts together

Con 3: You will not know if you’re choosing the right technologies

Con 4: You have to know if you’re targeting the right niche markets

Con 5: Can you trust the How-To information taught by the gurus?

While Membership Sites are our Top Pick, we have to inform you about the challenges that you will face if you decide to choose that business model, because we’re not going to paint this “Pie-In-The-Sky” lie.

It can take you 5 to 10 years to figure out how to build a successful membership site if you go at it alone.

I highly recommend that you invest in a proven system that teaches how to build a successful membership site.

This can help you save thousands of dollars by avoiding costly mistakes and several years of trial and error.

Now that you've discovered ten of the best ways to make money and our number pick, I recommend doing additional research on each before making a decision.

I wish you much success in whichever business model you choose!

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