The concept of a list should be one that all Christmas shoppers adhere to while they are doing their Christmas shopping.

In fact, Christmas shopping should be filled with all sorts of lists.

You can create lists of everyone you plan to give gifts to this year, lists of potential gift ideas, and even lists of the actual gifts you select.

All of this list-making may sound tedious but fortunately for you, we’ve provided 4 Steps on what lists to create and how to use them…

STEP 1: Make a list of everyone you plan to purchase a gift for.

Tip: Scan your list of contacts whether on your smartphone, email program, or in a physical organizer.

This will reduce your chances of unintentionally forgetting someone. You could even ask people that are close to you to look over your list to see if you’ve missed anyone.

STEP 2: Consider how much money you have to spend and divide this amount by the number of people on your list this will give you an idea of how much you can spend on each person on your Christmas list.

STEP 3: Make another list of potential gift ideas for each person on your Christmas gift list.

It is a good idea to brainstorm and try to come up with a few good gift ideas for each person on your list.

This is helpful because when you are out Christmas shopping you know where to start your search and will have a few choices if you are having difficulty finding one of the items on your list of suggestions.

You may find items that are not on your list but are perfect for the person you are shopping for and it is acceptable to buy these items.

It is important to remember your list of suggestions is just a starting point and if you find a more appropriate gift that is not on your list it is a good idea to purchase this gift instead.

STEP 4: Create a list of the items you actually purchase as Christmas gifts for those on your list.

This is a good idea because if you have a particularly long list, you may have difficulty remembering all the items you already bought.

Keeping an updated list of whom you have already purchased Christmas gifts for and what you bought them will minimize this problem.

This list also comes in handy when it is time to start wrapping all the Christmas gifts you purchased.

You may have a closet full of gifts but you may have trouble remembering which gift goes to which recipient.

However, if you kept an accurate list as you made your purchases this should not be a problem.

While most of us dislike the preparation process, it always makes our lives easier and we get a better outcome in the end.


You just discovered the 4 Steps To Making A Christmas Shopping List

The Christmas holiday season is both, one of joy and one of stress, but the most important benefit is being able to spend time with your loved ones.

If you’re a gift-giver, there’s no way around the time-consuming process of shopping…

And it doesn’t matter if you’re making your purchases Online, physically at the retail stores, or a combination of both.

But luckily for you, we’ve given you some list-making techniques that can make your Christmas shopping less stressful and easier to manage.

We hope this helps…

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