When it comes to wardrobes, there are classic pieces of clothing that everyone should have in their closet.

And the reason is because of versatility, meaning they can practically be worn during almost any season, and paired up with trendier, seasonal pieces.

You can think of these classics as the staples of fashion.

I have put together a short list to help you shop for more classical pieces of clothing, which you can mix and match as you please…

Classic Piece 1: A Great-Looking Suit

Every woman and man should have at least one great-looking tailored suit.

You can wear the suit to job interviews, client presentations, and important meetings to impress your boss and your clients.

A dark suit that looks good on you is a great classic that you can’t go wrong with, and is a great investment.

TIP: Since suits can be pricey depending upon where you make your purchase from.

If you’re cash-strapped or just don’t want to come out of pocket all at once, I recommend that you set aside or allocate a portion of what the suit costs every paycheck until you have the full amount.

Then go and purchase it outright in cash.

You can repeat that process until you have as many suits as you’d like.

Classic Piece 2: A Nice Pair of Pants

Everyone should have a great, favorite pair of pants.

These are typically high-quality jeans that are versatile, which you can wear to the office and even dress up a bit with accessories to wear out on the town.

They are usually dark and made from durable materials such as cotton or a blend, which means they’ll last for years provided you follow the care instructions.

A great pair of pants can be worn in the winter with a nice sweater or sports blazer and in the summer with a summer blouse or a dressy top.

Classic Piece 3: A Little Black Dress

Every woman should have a little black dress. This is a dress that you look and feel gorgeous in.

This is a dress you can use any time there is a last-minute party or a reception that you didn't have the time to buy an outfit for.

Your little black dress will save you every time.

The “Little Black Dress” is so popular that entire TV commercials have been based upon them.

Classic Piece 4: A Great Blazer

A great blazer is also a very versatile piece of clothing.

It can be worn with pants to the office, it can dress up your regular jeans, and you may be able to wear it with a Little Black Dress if the styles complement one another, especially in cold weather.

Sometimes a grey or a dark blazer is appropriate.

Other times, it is a brighter blazer that will go with the rest of your things and will add a little color to the rest of your outfit.

When shopping for a blazer, take into consideration other things you have in your closet, as well as the fact that you will be wearing it for a few years.

TIP: If you plan to do physical shopping, you could take pictures of your entire wardrobe on your smartphone, so that you can reference them and pick out blazers that match.

Classic Piece 5: A Great Coat

You can get a lot of use out of a stylish coat; you can wear it to work, or parties, or wear it on top of the little black dress to the opera or theater.

Everyone should have a nice coat hanging in their closet because it makes a good accessory to just about any of your nice clothes.


There are more essential pieces for a classic wardrobe that you can add, but the 5 that I covered today are the most common.

Once you have the classic pieces, you can buy cuter trendier clothing to match up and wear with them.

For example, bright blouses or button-up shirts will look great with a dark, classic suit.

My advice is to have fun experimenting with combining classic pieces with other types of clothing until you discover a style you’re happy with.

Good luck with mixing and matching!

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