One of the biggest roadblocks that cause people to be hesitant before investing in any home exercise equipment is the fear of not using it consistently.

You know how the story goes…

You get excited about a piece of equipment such as a treadmill, make the purchase, it gets delivered, assembled, and is used for about a month or so, and then it sits dormant.

Fast-forward a few months down the road; you notice how dusty it has become and how much space it's taking up.

And you remember how much weight you were determined to lose by using it faithfully every day. But now, unfortunately, it doubles as a clothes rack.

Chances are you’ve either done this with your own exercise equipment purchases or know people who have.

I’ve heard this story over and over from family members and complete strangers about how they’ve spent all this money on fitness equipment that just sits there collecting dust or becoming clothes racks.

If that’s been your story over and over, don’t fear, because I will provide you with five ways to get the most use out of your treadmill.

Treadmills are excellent for strengthening your cardiovascular system and complement resistance training if you want to burn fat.

So it's an investment in your health that can pay large dividends...if you are prepared to get the maximum benefit from it!

Let’s jump into those 5 easy ways to get the best use from your home treadmill…

1)) Do Your Research First

Your first order of business is to make sure you look at what each treadmill offers you and compare it to your own unique needs.

For example, if you have a very limited amount of space or if you live in a condo and/or like things neat and clean, a folding treadmill might suit you best. Or do you want a shock-assisted folding treadmill with wheels on the bottom that's easy to move?

You may prefer a classic non-foldable treadmill.

Another feature you may want to consider, which on the surface may seem insignificant is if you like to drink water during your workouts, make sure there's a water bottle holder included in the treadmill console (it might surprise you how many treadmills do not have this basic feature).

Are you the type of person that gets bored easily and welcomes a challenge?

Have you considered purchasing a treadmill that has a computer monitor attached and comes with fitness professionals that hold live and on-demand classes?

What about getting a treadmill with lots of user programs or one that is iFIT compatible?

Some of these options may cost a little more while others may seem insignificant, but if they inspire and motivate you to use your treadmill consistently, they are worth it.

2)) Set Up Your Treadmill in an Area That Inspires

By “inspires” I mean well-lit, open, and stimulating. For example; don’t position your treadmill where you face a bare wall while you run or walk.

If you have no choice but to place your treadmill in a position where it faces a wall, then hang an inspirational fitness quote decal or image.

If you get bored easily, put it facing the television or a window where you can have an interesting view while working out.

Rooms and spaces have a definite 'feel' to them and that will affect the success of your workouts. Make sure your treadmill is placed in an area that makes you feel energized, happy, and mentally stimulated.

Tip: Do some research on the Internet to find pictures of home gyms to get ideas on how you could set up your own.

Taking the time to plan your workout space so that it inspires you to want to jump on your treadmill will go a long way toward motivating you to remain consistent.

3)) Prepare Your Workout Space Before the Treadmill Arrives

Do you like listening to fast music when you exercise? Do you like watching your favorite movies? What about reading magazines? Yes, physical magazines still exist.

Think about what inspires you to exercise and feel your best.

Get these things ready even before your treadmill arrives and you'll be three-quarters of the way there.

If you have the wall space and the budget, you could have a TV mounted.

Line up your favorite movies and TV shows.

Today’s streaming services make it easy to excess your favorite TV shows (new and old), movies, documentaries, sports games, and more with a few clicks of your remote.

Make music playlists of your favorite high-energy songs.

Take the time to gather your favorite magazines.

The endgame of prepping your workout space is to feel inspired the moment you enter it and have the environment exercise-ready the moment your treadmill is set up.

This beats wasting time running around looking for something to do when you want to start exercising.

Again, this may seem simple, but it works. Why do you think gyms have magazines, televisions and play upbeat music?

There are no rules for how you set up your workout space and what you can do to stay motivated and get inspired.

Walking on a treadmill doesn’t have to be this boring mundane activity that you dread.

You are empowered to create an environment that makes exercising fun and entertaining.

If you plan on investing in a treadmill, take the time to plan out your space so that it provides maximum inspiration and motivation.

4)) Create an Exercise Plan

Before you start working out, it’s a good idea to create a simple exercise routine.

Think of this plan as your roadmap to the attractive body you desire and have been dreaming about.

Writing down how long and what kind of workout you'll be doing every week can get you excited, which will make you look forward to your time on the treadmill.

Remember that every time you work out, you are planting the seeds for that dream body you want.

By having a workout plan and keeping track of your results, you can see just how many seeds you've planted (and even how long it will take to start reaping the results!)

Have fun with it and you'll be motivated to achieve your health goals and get maximum benefits from your treadmill!

5)) Track Your Progress

OK, this is related to #4 but it's more of an ongoing process. By tracking your progress every day, you get a major sense of accomplishment which snowballs into even greater fat-burning results.

To prevent overwhelm and setting unrealistic expectations, I suggest you have 'minimum goals' like "I'll walk for at least 10 minutes." or "I'll do 5-30 second intervals."

These are easy to do and you'll probably go beyond them, which will encourage you even further and heighten your sense of accomplishment.

And of course, you're also getting maximum benefits from your new shiny treadmill!

By the way, you don’t have to go overboard by tracking everything, just keep it simple and record things such as Body Weight, Height, Neck, Chest, Upper Arms, Forearms, Waist, Thighs, Hip, Calves, Shirt Size, Pant Size, etc. once per week.

Tracking can be a pain in the rear.

The good news is that the results paint a clear picture and tell you what to adjust in your diet and exercise routine.

If you’re interested in a simple way to track your progress, then consider using a Body Measurement Tracker to record the details.

These simple forms can make tracking painless.


You just discovered 5 Ways To Get The Most Use Out Of A Treadmill that can prevent it from becoming a clothes rack that collects dusk in your workout space.

Be certain to invest in a treadmill that fits your needs because this will go a long way toward motivating you to use it consistently.

Also, place your machine in a space that ignites inspiration the moment you step foot into it.

Take a note from the best commercial gyms by setting up your workout area in a way that makes you excited to jump on your treadmill by adding elements such as; fitness wall decals, a wall-mounted TV, instant excess to your favorite TV shows and movies, playlists of your favorite music, magazines, etc.

Establish a realistic exercise and diet plan based on your current fitness levels so that you can accomplish the health goals you set.

Developing the discipline to track your progress can take your health to the next level.

Well, those are the 5 ways to get the best use from your treadmill right in the comforts of your home.

Just remember that even a little bit of preparation will pay off large dividends in the long run.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether to purchase a treadmill in fear you may not consistently use or completely abandon it, you now have five ways to help combat those emotions.

Treadmills are proven to strengthen your cardiovascular system and burn extra calories.

So, get over your fear that you may have buyer’s remorse and purchase a treadmill that suits your needs.

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