It’s a no-brainer to travel much lighter these days to avoid the extra fees that many airlines are charging for overweight luggage.

Typically, they allow a 50 to 75 lbs. weight maximum per bag.

With large suitcases weighing up to 20 lbs. empty, that does not leave a lot of room for clothes and other assorted items.

Since you’re not able to control the weight restrictions and the additional fees airlines charge, it's time to learn to travel more efficiently.

Obviously, you’re interested in learning ways to travel lighter and avoiding overage fees.

So, let’s dive into six tips that can help you do just that…

TIP 1: Purchase Lighter Luggage

To start with, look for lighter-weight luggage or downsize to a smaller-sized piece. It's not practical to take those oversized 30" or 31" suitcases.

Plan to start with no larger than a 29" case.

Then look for lighter-weight brands. Many pieces of luggage, that are now advertised as "lightweight", are no lighter than the old-fashioned pieces.

Make sure you lift the case before purchasing.

You do not have to sacrifice quality either, as there are many truly lightweight cases available in better fabrics with better wheel systems.

TIP 2: Limit The Number Of Shoes

Try to limit the number of pairs of shoes you are taking. Shoes and sneakers are much heavier than clothing.

Not to mention, takes up a lot of space because they can’t be folded like clothing.

PRO TIP: You should consider packing shoes that match most of your wardrobe as this will eliminate the need to bring a pair to match every outfit.

Taking fewer shoes will lighten your load.

TIP 3: Pack Travel Size Items

Check out the many travel accessories available. For instance, take along travel sizes of toothpaste, shampoo, and all the other assorted miscellanies you cannot live without.

If you are packing a hairdryer, take one that is compact and designed for travel. Also, think about bringing a small travel steamer instead of an iron.

These are lighter weight and work quite well, steaming out all the packing wrinkles quickly and efficiently.

Even though you’ll most likely have access to a steam iron, a quality steamer removes wrinkles much faster without coming into contact with your clothing.

Besides, you don’t want to ruin your clothes by using a hotel iron that may contain rusty water or gunk stuck on the metal plate that will ruin them.

Believe it or not, that scenario has happened to several people.

Instead of bringing along a heavy raincoat, purchase one of the super-light umbrellas that are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Oftentimes, these are made of airplane aluminum and weigh only a few ounces.

There are also foldable rain slickers available that are lighter than a raincoat would be, and they work well in emergency situations.

TIP 4: Weigh Your Luggage At Home

Weigh your case before you go. Stand on the scale with the suitcase, then deduct your weight.

There are also several portable scales available that you can hook to the luggage and lift.

This will save you the arguments and the surcharges you'll get at the airport.

There's also luggage available with an actual scale built into the top of the suitcase.

This will eliminate the following conversation during check-in at the airport:

a)) You did not know how much the luggage weigh

b)) The luggage weighed less at home

Knowing how much your luggage weighs before leaving for the airport will reduce your anxiety and stress levels and avoid confrontations during luggage check-ins.

TIP 5: Mix and Match Your Wardrobe

Plan your wardrobe with "mix and match" items. For instance, one pair of slacks can be teamed with several different tops.

There are also lightweight reversible jackets that can be dressed up or down.

These are very lightweight and completely wrinkle-free, so they are a natural choice.

TIP 6: Pack Folding Bags

If you plan on doing some shopping, there are folding bags you can use to pack your purchases for the return trip home.

This way you will not overload your luggage.

Most airlines allow for 2 bags per person, as well as one carry-on and one personal bag.

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There you have it, 6 Packing Tips For Traveling Light that could help you avoid paying overage fees.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the best thing you can do is plan every aspect of your trip.

And traveling light should be number one on your priority list of to-dos.

Why overpack, only to lug items around that you’re not going to use?

Doing so only puts you at risk of paying additional luggage fees.

The key is to pack what you need and travel light.

If possible, attempt to fit everything into your carry-on bags.

This allows you to move through the airports quickly without having to wait at the baggage claim and not worry about your belongings getting lost in transit.

Keep these six packing tips in mind the next time you plan on traveling!

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