Being a woman that’s under 5’ 4” is no fun when it comes to finding high-quality fashionable clothing that fits properly.

According to, a petite is described as a small woman. When you call someone petite, it's usually meant as a compliment — implying that she is dainty and adorable. Many clothing stores offer petite sizes for women who are short.

You may be thinking to yourself that the description of “attractively small and dainty” sounds good but does nothing in terms of making it any easier to find clothes that fit without having to go on a mission.

It’s only recently that designers began targeting petite women with fashionable clothing.

Fashion is all about you and your style. Fashion is about confidence. If you feel great in an outfit, others can’t help but feel your positive vibes.

In the past, petite women had to settle for ill-fitting regular clothes in run-of-the-mill sizes.

But that’s long in the past. Today’s petite women find more and more stores devoted to meeting the needs of the short-statured.

Petite framed women can wear just about any style and look slimmer and most importantly taller, by following a few simple rules.

When you start having more bad days than good as a result of not being able to dress properly, that’s when you know it’s time to make a change.

That’s when you know it’s time to solve this annoying problem. And that’s exactly what you’re about to learn how to do, so read on…

1)) Avoid bold, large patterns with heavy fabrics. You should keep print in proportion to your figure because smaller prints are more visually appealing on petite frames.

2)) Avoid styles that draw the eyes to the waist or hip area. These tend to make you look more round.

3)) Go easy on the jewelry, because excessive amounts can overpower a small frame. Keep in mind that jewelry is an accessory that’s meant to enhance your look, not overshadow it.

Remember, when it comes to accessories, Less is More!

4)) Wear lightweight material when layering, as too much tends to bulk up the petite woman.

5)) Avoid wearing contrasting colors such as a black skirt and white top when wearing separates. Doing so will really make people aware of your height and small frame.

The key is to create an illusion of height with the clothes you wear.

6)) Wear the same color from head to toe to create a continuous flow. For example, you should blend similar colored shoes and pantyhose to appear taller.

7)) If wearing boots, make sure the hem of your skirt is long enough to cover them.

This will create an unbroken line to help give a slenderizing effect.

8)) Your skirts should be slightly above the knee and always worn with heels. Below the knee, skirts tend to make the short-statured woman look stubby.

9)) You may be tired of hearing this but, heels are a must for the vertically impaired. High-heeled shoes guarantee that your legs will look longer and leaner.


And there you have it – you just learned 9 tips for dressing a petite body. And if you start applying what you learned immediately, it won’t be long before you feel confident in your clothes because they’ll flatter your small frame.

Before birth, none of us can choose our height.

Therefore, we must make the best of our physical attributes regardless of height and weight.

If you’re vertically challenged, you must change your mindset and see it as your superpower and not a disadvantage.

You can then use this positive outlook as a filter for how you see yourself and the world, which will make you feel empowered.

You must own your petiteness!

So, if you are yearning for pants that don’t drag the floor or shirts with sleeves the correct length, look in the petite section of your favorite store.

You’ll have everyone turning their heads whispering, “Who’s that fab girl?”

Now that more fashion designers are catering to petite women, you should have less of a challenge to find cute clothes that fit.

Now get out there and do some shopping and apply the tips that you learned today!

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