Solar panels can help you save money on your energy costs.

Solar panels may be a little pricey at first but there are many incentive programs to help you cover those costs.

We highly advise you to educate yourself on the actual expenses and benefits of using solar energy to offset your monthly energy bills.

You may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.

We notice that a large majority of people, who consider going solar, tend to have all these preconceived notions.

Unfortunately, those that never take the time to do a little research to see what solar is all about, end up missing out on lowering their monthly electric bills.

Before you decide against getting a solar energy system installed, read the Top 10 Benefits Of Owning A Solar Panel System.

Let’s cover them…

Benefit 1: Monthly Savings

In many states, solar panels can save a person over $100 a month on their electric cost.

If a person has to heat their home using electricity, solar panels can help offset that cost.

Over a 20-year period of solar panel use, you can see over $50,000 in savings. Is that not impressive?

Benefit 2: Immediate Savings

As soon as you have solar panels installed, you can see savings from day one.

You could pay for your solar panels a little at a time.

The monthly cost of paying for solar panels will often be less than your monthly electric bill.

Benefit 3: Low Payback

Many homeowners do not have to pay for the installation of solar panels upfront.

They can spread the cost over a 10-year period. After this, a person can enjoy monthly savings on their utility bills.

Benefit 4: Increase The Value Of The Home

Many potential buyers will be interested in homes with solar panels.

These panels will allow them to enjoy lower electricity bills and lower taxes.

Solar panels also make the home look more attractive.

Homes with solar panels sell 20 percent faster than homes that do not.

Owners will often get more money when they are selling the home.

Benefit 5: Attractive Incentives

When a person is installing solar panels in their home they can receive some tax incentives.

There is a Federal Solar Tax Credit that will allow a person to get up to 30 percent of the cost of the solar panel system back.

There are also Solar Renewable Energy Credits that will also reduce the cost.

Some states have additional tax credits as well.

Benefit 6: Secure Investment

Solar panels will be able to generate energy and their prices are said to remain steady for the next 20 years.

The price of electricity is constantly changing and at times the price can drastically increase.

A person cannot lose money making their own energy.

Benefit 7: High Performance

Solar panels are usually guaranteed by reputable manufacturers for 20 to 25 years.

They will repair them if anything happens.

The lifespan of a solar panel on average is 40 years, so a person can have energy for a long time.

Benefit 8: Help The Environment

Solar panels can allow a person to reduce their carbon footprint.

The United States is the second most emitter of carbon dioxide every year.

Solar energy does not release this byproduct.

This clean energy will not harm the environment in any way.

Benefit 9: Independent Energy

A person will not have to rely on foreign countries for energy.

Eventually, there will be a shortage of oil, coal, and natural gas.

Solar energy will eliminate this dependence.

Benefit 10: Easy To Understand

Once a person installs solar panels they will no longer have to shop around for competitive energy prices which can become complicated.

A person can work with a consultant that will help them with their solar panel system every step of the way.

They can even get a no-obligation solar price quote.

Solar panels are attractive to homeowners.

They will increase the value of your home while reducing energy costs. This is an all-around win for you.


And there you have it, you just learned the Top 10 Benefits of Owning a Solar Panel System.

And if you start applying what you learned you should be able to screen and narrow down your prospects of solar installation experts.

Before you run out and hire a solar panel installation company, we recommend that you fully educate yourself on the fundamentals of how the equipment works, financing, and the cost involved.

Also, do research to find the best solar installers and then narrow your list down to the top 3 to 5 companies.

Only choose those that have no less than a 4-star rating.

Read their customer reviews to spot bad patterns.

While reading the reviews, keep in mind that some people are never satisfied and others who leave negative reviews may have indeed had a bad experience.

You can also ask your family, friends, and co-workers if they could recommend a reputable solar company.

After you’ve narrowed down your list to the top 3 to 5 solar installers, visit their websites to find out as much as you can about them and the equipment brands they use.

This will ensure that you pick a company that uses high-quality products that will last for a long time.

If you do decide to go solar, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part to help preserve our planet!

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