There’s a popular phrase that people use when they refer to their canine family members, “man’s best friend.”

Which happens to be the number one reason why dogs are commonly used in pet therapy?

They have been our faithful companions for centuries and now are also being seen as homeopathic healers.

What is it about dogs that make them so lovable? For one, dogs, like some other animals, mirror the emotional states of those around them.

For example; this is why when you come home from a long day feeling a bit depressed and your favorite poodle companion dutifully lays at your feet or in your lap on the sofa to try and brighten your mood.

They sense that something is going on.

There have even been examples of dogs saving their owners from sudden medical disasters by alerting others to get help.

Here are the top ten breeds of dogs that are suitable as therapy dogs for those in need.

1)) Labrador Retriever

These big pooches are so lovable, even by people who do not consider themselves to be dog lovers.

They love to run and play as well as be petted and generally love their owners all day long.

Simply petting them or having them lay their head in your lap can bring about feelings of contentment.

2)) German Shepherd

These dogs have long been bred as service dogs even though we are talking about their use in therapy here.

They are highly intelligent, protective, and able to be trained for a variety of different purposes.

3)) Greyhound

This dog is sleek, beautiful, and fast. But, is also a great companion, especially for those who have trouble sleeping.

Greyhounds are quiet and will lie down with you and keep you company until you fall asleep.

4)) Beagle

We always knew that Snoopy was the best dog to have around. Beagles are small, active, friendly, and love to cuddle with others.

5)) Rottweiler

This dog looks lethal, but they were bred to be guard dogs who subdued their prey without hurting them. They are calm and intelligent.

6)) Saint Bernard

This dog is big and furry and lovable. They are good with kids because they are infinitely patient when kids handle them roughly.

7)) Pomeranian

This small dog doesn’t require a lot of space to move. They are great for elderly folks who want a dog they can pet and who will sit on their lap and enjoy endless cuddling.

8)) Poodle

These dogs are hypoallergenic, so people with allergies don’t have to worry. Poodles are intelligent and can be trained for a number of tasks.

9)) Pug

Pugs are small and a bit funny-looking (in a cute way), but a great little doggies. They love to please people and are amenable to young and old alike.

10)) French Bulldog

With their short legs and bat-like ears, they are cute and inquisitive. They are non-confrontational animals and perfect lap dogs.


You just learned what we consider to be the Top 10 Therapy Dog Breeds For Anxiety and Depression.

People the world over have been using dogs to help them cope with stress long before the name “Therapy Dogs” was coined.

This is because ever since dogs were domesticated, people recognized how loyal they could be.

What other pet acts as if you’ve been gone for a week after returning from going out to check the mail?

Dogs are the only pets that we can think of.

If you’ve never entertained the idea of getting a dog to help you and even your loved ones through tough times, now may be the perfect opportunity to explore this option.

Since pet ownership takes a massive amount of work, be certain to do plenty of research on any breed you may be considering.

Keep in mind that several other dog breeds make for great therapy pets such as the Shih Tzu, Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, etc.

If you’re looking for the perfect dog that can be used in a pet therapy program, then these ten breeds are up to the task.

Good luck on your quest to find a therapy dog!

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