Many people aren’t aware of how effective walking in general is for melting off unwanted body fat.

Power walking just takes it to a higher level of effectiveness in terms of burning extra calories.

Power walking can burn over 300 calories per hour if you’re moving at a pace of 4 mph.

How do you like those numbers for simply walking fast?

In this article, I will teach you the Top 5 Benefits Of Power Walking.

Let’s get it going…

Benefit 1: Burn More Calories And Faster Than Natural Walking Routines

You already learned that power walking can burn over 300 calories per hour, which is more than that of regular walking which only burns up to around 250 calories.

Now, keep in mind that these are average numbers and are not set in stone, because everyone burns calories at a different pace.

Benefit 2: Less Impact To Your Leg Joints And Muscles

Walking causes less jarring on your leg muscles and joints than running does, because there’s less force being applied with each stride.

Walking is great, especially for people who have injuries or some type of joint pain in their lower extremities.

Benefit 3: Develop Overall More Muscle Tone Especially In Your Arms And Legs

You may not think of walking as being beneficial to toning your arms, but nothing could be further from the truth.

You can work your upper arms and frontal shoulder muscles by moving your fists toward your shoulders as you walk.

The toning benefits of your leg muscles are pretty obvious.

Benefit 4: Drastically Boost Your Metabolism

Anytime you perform exercises you raise your metabolism, which is critical for burning extra calories.

Power walking will no doubt boost your metabolism, which will remain elevated for hours afterward.

This is great because you’ll continue to burn fat long after your session has been completed.

TIP: If your schedule allows, it’s best to perform your cardio and resistance training in the morning, because this puts your body into a calorie-burning mode for the rest of the day.

Benefit 5: Reduce Belly And Back Fat Due To Overall Weight Loss

Unfortunately, the fat deposits in our abdominal area are the last to go. I know that this is frustrating as all can be.

That’s why you see all of these weight loss surgery centers popping up, because people are frustrated when they lose body fat from everywhere else, except for their abdominal area.

If you plan on getting rid of your body fat naturally, especially from your AB area, power walking will help you to lose overall body fat, which includes back fat.


You just learned the Top 5 Benefits Of Power Walking.

You may or may not have known that power walking could be so effective for melting those unwanted pounds off of your body, but it does.

And the great thing about power walking is that almost anyone could implement it into their weekly exercise program.

If you aren’t using power walking, I highly suggest that you start including it in your routine at least once or twice per week.

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